AWS, GCP and Azure: The leaders in Cloud Computing, which is better?

engineer inspecting rows of server cabinets in the cloud

When we talk about AWS, GCP and Azure we talk about the 3 Cloud Computing services that lead the market. All of these are very powerful and efficient, as well as cost-effective and scalable.

Nevertheless, which one is the best? If you have also asked yourself this question, this post is for you.

Advantages and disadvantages of AWS, GCP, and Azure

In order to choose one, we are going to take an impartial look at AWS, GCP, and Azure. We will reach this by revealing in a simple way its advantages and disadvantages compared to others. Let’s start!

Advantages and disadvantages of Amazon Web Services (AWS)

So far, AWS is the leader in its market and the one with the highest gross annual revenue. Their compatibility levels have no competition. Some advantages of this provider are the following:

  • It has almost all the tools and services available in the cloud.
  • It is very profitable.
  • You can pay for use only.
  • It has great scalability.
  • Its security system is very efficient.
  • It is compatible with an infinity of programming languages.


On the other hand, some disadvantages of AWS are the following ones:

  • It is not customizable.
  • AWS requires experienced staff.
  • Its security level is very demanding.

Clearly, AWS may not be suitable for every SMB or half project. Still, any large business and organization will find a lot of potential in AWS.

Advantages and disadvantages of Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Created by the very famous Google, GCP was not going to be left behind in terms of overall quality. Some of its advantagesare the following:

  • It is very profitable and improves its plans based on growth.
  • It is highly customizable and flexible.
  • You can also pay as you go.
  • Its security systems are impenetrable.
  • Their servers are fast, and the system crashes are very little.
  • Their software is updated weekly.


Other disadvantages of GCP include the following:

  • Despite having many tools, some of them are in short supply.
  • It does not have a free trial version.

GCP is much more customizable than AWS, but it still needs to be developed further and its range of tools increased.

Advantages and disadvantages of Microsoft Azure (MA)

Despite having arrived to the market later than the previous ones, MA does not waver in its Cloud Computing services. Some advantages of MA are the following ones:

  • Its availability is 99.5%.
  • It has high levels of security.
  • It is very profitable, even for SMEs.
  • It is compatible with many programming languages.
  • Can be connected to many Microsoft products.
  • It has a hybrid infrastructure.


On the other hand, some disadvantages are the following:

  • Your servers may be slow in some LATAM countries and Africa
  • Several tools are also missing

MA is very powerful, and many companies often choose Microsoft as their sole vendor.

AWS, GCP and MA are the market leaders

As we have already said, AWS, GCP and Azure are the leaders in their market. So, all three are beyond excellent and none is a bad option for your company.

But as with Staff augmentation, you will need qualified personnel to perform the most important and demanding operations. Therefore, it will be crucial that you consult with professionals beforehand to choose the best option for your company.


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