The War Between Russia and Ukraine is Affecting Staff Augmentation

Ukraine flag flying in Kyiv over a city of businesses and staffing

The Staff Augmentation business and the location of resources have been affected by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Mainly because the war between these countries has created an uncertain business environment.

Staff augmentation business and concern among clients

The humanitarian crisis derived from the military invasion in Ukraine has had a great impact on the Staff Augmentation business. At a time when Ukraine exports about 6.8 billion dollars in services of this type, according to the IT Ukraine Association. Even this nation, along with other neighbors, usually employs more than 750,000 business professionals under this technological concept.

Staff augmentation and location of resources amid a crisis

Within the conflict region and surrounding areas, impacts include business closures in strategic areas. The hostilities in these cities affect more than 100,000 employees of this type of service. We must bear in mind that there are three large centers of operations (Lviv, Kharkiv, and Kyiv), which have been affected. Not to mention the growing professional brain drain and economic isolation in Russia and Ukraine. All these teams are being moved or re-created in Latin America now, and this is a great opportunity for many companies. Especially here at at Techunting.

IT services in surrounding regions

Staff Augmentation business and resource placement may not be fully affected in nearby regions. For this reason, some companies have moved their companies to position themselves in Romania, Hungary, or Poland. This facilitates the exchange of services, although the operations are limited if the clients belong to the zones in conflict. For example, activities are still taking place in some western areas of Ukraine

Optimal corporate decisions

From the non-conflict regions, we take care of guaranteeing the safety of our employees and corporate partners. We make the best decisions to minimize the impact that may affect our services. We consider ourselves experts in providing solutions and, therefore, we assess geopolitical risk. Thanks to this, we can consider the optimal hiring measures, and even relax the agreements if necessary.

Staff Augmentation and resource allocation are important activities to optimize project development. We have a base of qualified professionals capable of increasing operational efficiency and effectiveness. Are you looking for a team of experts that easily adapts to the culture of your organization? Contact us and we will offer you the support you need.

In conclusion

After many months of research, clients interviews, visiting many IT events and HR world sessions, we have found new ideas related to staff augmentation policies and practices. We believe that a new IT era is coming and our companies and teams should be prepared for that. We provide training and global sessions with our teams located in Latam, Europe, US and Canada to discuss this change and how our company will work with you to provide best services in class. Assuring each client receives the best service, and hopefully the War won’t impacts their businesses.


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