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You Don’t Need to be Nostradamus of Code to Solve Negative...

Do you know how much time your developers spend on defensive engineering-related tasks? The odds are it’s way higher than expected, and it’s only...

Code is Everyone’s Business

Nearly every company now produces software or applications to enable it to do business. That can include using software as an interface to customer...

Building Next-Generation API Platforms to Drive Digital Transformation

As evidenced by the flood of investment in the market, application programming interfaces (APIs) have emerged as a key component of digital transformation efforts,...

Melarka Williams

Melarka Williams Founder & CEO Technology, Entrepreneur Jamaica, Caribbean Islands Listen to Melarka's Podcast! Melarka Williams is the founder and CEO of The Hive and also serves as founder...

Alex Feiszli

Alex Feiszli Founder & CEO Technology, Entrepreneur Raleigh, NC, USA Listen to Alex's Podcast! Alex Feiszli is the founder and CEO of GRAVITL, a distributed cloud solutions company. Alex...

Evolution of Low-Code Technology in 2021

During the pandemic, quick development of digital applications and channels became necessary to meet a customer base that was increasingly performing day-to-day tasks online...


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