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There are companies that have traditional processes for performance evaluation, they have objectives and competencies well defined. Others have agile systems where performance is monitored by project with immediate feedback provided to teams based on goals accomplished and short-term metrics.

In both cases the question about how to monitor performance and how to define target bonus associated, will be a constant too. 

In this complex year, where business plans and strategies were all but destroyed, this question was presented: What will be the criteria to be used to evaluate our team this 2020?

In relation to objective measurement, will we have to account for initial objectives? Will our teams going to adjust the objectives oriented to the new reality? What criteria will be used? 

And if we talk about competencies, what are the competencies to be evaluated? Are the traditional competencies related to business and values that show “how the company recommends doing each task in their organization?” Or will the pandemic environment bring us the possibility to evaluate competencies that some time ago weren’t focused on?

Change management, plasticity, resilience, creativity, innovation, emotional intelligence, they are some of the competencies that were used permanently during this year.

Changes in the Environment

As we have been discussing with most of our clients and colleagues during this year at Techunting, all these competencies have been measured  from many years until now connected to the “emotional intelligence concept”, but in some organizations they were written only as a desire, when in reality they were in many cases, hard culture and not flexible companies.

But in 2020, the unique solution was to bring them to the table and use them – and we saw a lot of surprises!

Then, were competence and abilities demonstrated by team members when the environment changed? What surprises did we see?  What have we learned?

It is not logical to evaluate the teams as usual this year. There is an energy plus adaptability and change management that was used, and we should see and remark as leaders. 

This is a particularly challenging and complex year, and we will have certainly learning spaces with our teams that we should not forget.

The concept of “new normal” that we are exposed to is a history mix between the best of two worlds, the older and the actual. Most of the 2021 challenge will be related to this point. We will not be the same people nor society. And how we can learn from this difference? 

However, we will see leaders working closely to trust in the performance evaluation processes, as a learning and development example.

Final Thoughts

As we know, communication abilities and the art of asking correct questions, are the key competences for a good leader in this era trying to leave a good impression in their teams. Many times, leaders’ sincere feedback to teams is one more item on their lists, and that is a big error that should be avoided.

At Techunting, our managers provide sincere and timely feedback to all our employees, helping them to continue their development and learn. 

Techunting’s desire to our colleagues and friends is that 2020 will be a year of open feedback, sincerity, and growth!


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