The Global Crisis is an Opportunity

dollar bills with a downturn arrow representing the global crisis is an opportunity

How could staff augmentation from LATAM countries be your alternative in times of crisis? The global crisis is an opportunity.

The world’s largest economies are entering a period of recession. As a result, entrepreneurs foresee a slowdown in the economy and a drop in sales worldwide.

This is due to rising inflation, rising interest rates, and the conflict in Eastern Europe. Some countries will be able to face the crisis due to their reduced population and their savings in other currencies.

The most vulnerable countries in this recession will be those with sustained population growth that depends on the dollar. LATAM countries meet these conditions despite having qualified personnel.

How the global recession is an opportunity?

Latin American economies are fragile internationally due to their dependence on the dollar and its price. However, with devalued currencies and suffering a more significant effect from inflation, the settlers are willing to work for international companies.

Earning money in dollars while residing in a LATAM country can mean significant benefits. This is because inflation affects local LATAM currencies much more than the dollar or the euro.

This condition can benefit you as an entrepreneur in the United States or Europe. You can hire skilled and experienced labor for a lower salary, while European and American professionals can charge much more.

Advantages of hiring LATAM staff

Due to the economic conditions in their countries, LATAM professionalsusually prepare and have a good attitude toward work. Nevertheless, stereotypes often put stamps on people and their abilities.

However, due to the challenging conditions and global crisis that LATAM countries are going through, their inhabitants tend to prepare and cultivate their skills. As a result, the population continues to grow, and competition is fierce. For this reason, many have become resourceful and creative in finding opportunities.

• Digital media have taken education to unexpected places.

• Many LATAM professionals want to hone technical skills and work in the digital environment.

• Remote work is also possible for LATAM citizens.

• LATAM citizens tend to be resourceful and creative in producing results.

• The economies of LATAM allow hiring trained and experienced professionals for less money without falling into injustice.

In this sense, a global crisis and recession can bring opportunities to optimize the production process. Companies can continue producing content and mobilizing production by hiring staff in LATAM, especially in the technological area.

What kind of professionals can you find in LATAM?

The digital world’s explosion has caught several LATAM professionals’ attention. The isolation caused by COVID-19 gave a boost to this interest. As a result, many regional schools have changed their curriculum to include studies in digital professions. You can find staff in the following disciplines:

• Software programmers

• UI and UX designers

• Software testers

• Digital marketing specialists

• Content creators

• Cybersecurity specialists

• Virtual assistants

These are examples of the possibilities the digital world has opened up in LATAM. Indeed, the specialties will increase over time. The global crisis is an opportunity to hire new qualified personnel from LATAM. LATAM’s fragile economies have made its citizens resourceful, creative, and willing to work for international companies.


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