Live Shopping: Impact Beyond Streaming

two girls excited while they are live shopping on their smartphones

Live Shopping is one of the most important trends in digital commerce, mainly due to the great engagement it generates for brands. Its success is a consequence, among other factors, of having the first dynamic catalog, which allows customers to visualize a product better, as they would if it were right in front of them, and resolve doubts about its quality, size, and design.

A complete Live Shopping session must mix three main ingredients; real-time chat, unlimited invitation of new viewers to the session and shared content on the different social networks; with the aim of being able to help brands grow in revenue and improve conversion rates.

Live shopping strategies

Some strategies for businesses tend to focus on how to get customers to connect during Live Shopping sessions, but they do not take into account that the content and information  produced in these transmissions can help each company to make their social media feeds more attractive and even generate traffic to specialized websites, which can drive sales and provide new experiences to users – which is especially relevant as retailers prepare for Black Friday.

So how can you make the most of a Live Shopping strategy beyond live broadcasts to make your brand and business grow? Below are the main components of this innovative initiative, which allow businesses to serve thousands of people who seek to enter the digital ecosystem and know exactly the demand for products that interest them.

Social networks in synergy

Although social networks are an important pillar for a business’ 360º marketing strategy, they are not the ideal place to carry out Live Shopping events since they limit the migration to ecommerce sites where the transaction happens. The event’s differential lies in offering customers the experience of a unique space developed for the occasion, that is, a specialized solution that allows conversational openness between the brand representatives and the consumer. Consequently, this exclusive space increases each user’s session time, which translates as the more time you spend in the store, the more likely you are to complete the purchase.

Remember that all events are content! While using the Live Shopping platform for your event, you can, for example, use social networks to show behind the scenes flashes, answer queries in real time with the chat tool, invite to personalized sessions by sharing the link to the personal shopper, simultaneously broadcast in social networks at the time of greater engagement and other very effective strategies to generate greater interaction with buyers and interest in the brand.

Capitalize on your actions

After the streaming event, you could capitalize on this action to increase user traffic on your website, archiving the event in a special section such as “your website/live”. You can also make it visible on your social networks, so that leads can access them whenever they want. Users will also have access to the product carousel so they can appreciate any demos or tutorials that have been streamed, easily view the participating products, add them to the cart and complete the decision-making process for the purchase.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that digital commerce is being revolutionized globally and as a trend, Live Shopping joins the ecosystem of new products to generate a much more complete technological wave in a commercial strategy. Current solutions offer peace of mind through the reliability and scalability of cloud computing services from Amazon Web Services (AWS), guaranteeing always-on, good performance, in addition to the ease and speed of implementation.


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