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Understanding AWS Serverless Pricing

Serverless computing on AWS offers a flexible and scalable way to build applications without managing servers, but understanding its pricing structure is crucial for...

ABAC in AWS: A Practical Guide

What Is ABAC? Attribute-based access control, or ABAC, is a model that controls access to resources based on the attributes of the user and resource....

The Top 5 Cloud Service Providers and Their Benefits

In the past, people viewed cloud computing as an optional upgrade for companies. But today, it has evolved into an essential for industry success...

AWS, GCP and Azure: The leaders in Cloud Computing, which is...

When we talk about AWS, GCP and Azure we talk about the 3 Cloud Computing services that lead the market. All of these are...

Bindu Reddy

Bindu Reddy Founder & CEO Technology, Artificial Intelligence San Francisco, CA, USA Listen to Bindu's Podcast! Bindu Reddy is the CEO and Co-Founder of Abacus.AI. Before starting Abacus.AI, she...


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