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4 Reasons ISVs Need an Integrated Payment Solution

The Software-as-a-Service model has evolved over the years, expanding into virtually every industry, and there is no exception with the Integrated Software Vendors (ISV)...

AI is Transforming Financial Services, Regulatory Guidance Can Help

The rapid advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies is already transforming financial services and business operations across the globe. From customer service chat-bots to...

Skyrocketing Home Prices Drive Investing Innovation

The pandemic has sent the U.S. housing market into overdrive. Soaring home prices are making it nearly impossible for the average American household –...

Fintech 2022: Evolution and Revolution for Underserved Audiences

Obviously, big financial institutions with deep pockets will continue to develop new services to increase market share. But, the truth is, they pivot with...

Stephen Quaderer

Stephen Quaderer Founder & CEOTechnology, FinTech, EntrepreneurSan Francisco, CA, USA Listen to Stephen's Podcast! Stephen Quaderer is the Founder and CEO of ThotExperiment, and is an entrepreneur...

Dominique Rey

Dominique Rey Co-Founder & CEOFinTech, BlockchainZurich, Switzerland Listen to Dominique's Podcast! Dominique Olivier Rey is the Co-Founder and CEO of Numarics, Switzerland's virtual CFO. He is a...


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