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Ethan Morse

Ethan Morse Filmmaker, Producer, Co-Founder Technology, Entrepreneur Irvine, CA, USA Listen to Ethan's Podcast! Ethan Morse is Producer, Filmmaker and Co-Founder for Time to Kill Productions. Ethan grew up...

Neal Schrodetzki

Neal Schrodetzki Filmmaker and Co-Founder Technology, Entrepreneur Phoenix, AZ, USA Listen to Neal's Podcast! Neal Schrodetzki is Filmmaker and Co-Founder of Time to Kill Productions. Neal grew up in...

What Is Thermal Management in Manufacturing

Everything we use comes from a manufacturer who processes or assembles the final product from smaller pieces or parts. Many of these manufacturing processes...

Machine Learning Assisted Annotation Is the Key to Ambitious AI

The use of machine learning (ML) assisted annotation has accelerated within every vertical that uses artificial intelligence (AI). From the virtual fittings rooms that...

David Su

David Su Co-Founder & CEO Technology, IoT, Entrepreneur San Francisco, CA, USA Listen to David's Podcast! David Su brings to Atmosic over 30 years of engineering expertise with an...

How Technology is Changing the Way We Play Golf

Finding the best rangefinder app can greatly improve your golf game. Due to improved GPS technology, better cell coverage, and available data, most rangefinding...


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