Reasons Why Your Office Has Poor Cell Reception

man holding cellphone for boosting signal strength

Living and working in rural areas can offer you a peaceful and relaxing lifestyle. However, if you work in a remote area, you might also experience problems with your cellular service and dead zones in certain sections of your office or workplace.

If you want to reduce the amount of dropped calls and data outages you must deal with, you can start by learning the causes of these issues. With that in mind, here are a few reasons why your office has poor cell reception.

Your Office is Too Far Away from a Cell Phone Tower

The location of your office can play a critical role in the strength of your cell phone signal. Cellular companies put towers near larger cities and traffic areas to maximize coverage for their consumers. However, as waves of cellular frequencies go from tower to tower, their signal gets weaker. Your building probably has a public safety DAS (distributed antenna system) for workers to use in emergency situations. For this reason, understanding how bi-directional amplifiers work for DAS systems can help you boost your cellular signal while you work in your office.

Your Building’s Materials Block Out Cellular Frequencies

Another common reason for poor cellular reception in an office environment is due to the materials that the builders used when they constructed the building. Materials such as concrete, brick, tinted glass, and metal can create dead zones in certain spaces. If you consistently lose signal when you enter an elevator, go down to the basement, or take the stairs, these dead zones might be due to a greater presence of concrete or metal in these areas.

Your Office Surroundings Are Reducing Your Reception

If there are trees or other natural objects surrounding your building, they can impede your ability to collect a cellular signal. Other buildings and tall structures might block out the signal from the nearest cellular tower. For this reason, your building might want to consider purchasing a booster or working with neighboring offices to boost the signal for the community. Overall, losing cell service is extremely frustrating, but there are solutions to help mitigate this issue. After learning the reasons why your office has poor cell reception, you now have the knowledge to ensure that you never lose signal again.


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