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The Education Verification Industry is Experiencing Rapid Disruption

Many companies have the opportunity in the new world of work to tap into tremendous potential savings by moving to a global remote workforce-...
aerial view of city maximizing IoT benefits and robust solutions

Maximize IoT Connectivity Benefits with Simple, Yet Robust Solutions

IoT promises a host of benefits for end-users. To maximize IoT Connectivity benefits with simple, yet robust solutions, it can come from using a...

Three Important Considerations for New Online Marketplaces

When a company’s founding and executive team is up against ecommerce giants, they need differentiators to create a new online marketplace platform. They need...

What to Consider Before Launching a Subscription Model

Disney+, Zoom, and Apple+ TV are some examples of subscriptions that are becoming a prominent business model in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) industry. These subscriptions...

Bot Technology Used in Schools Can Help Retrain and Upskill Workers

Bringing efficiency to business operations is not only smart, it is essential. We have been in business long enough and in enough sectors to...

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Evan Kirstel Co-Founder & Tech InfluencerTechnology, EntrepreneurBoston, MA, USA Listen to Evan's Podcast! Evan Kirstel is a top technology influencer, B2B thought leader, and content creator with...


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