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Offshore QA Team Management: Do’s and Don’ts

Outsourcing is becoming the new normal in the world of IT and has been flourishing for the past 2-3 years. According to the reports...

DeFi App Development: Main Stages and Nuances of Flawless Management

The development of decentralized apps is a multi-stage process that demands careful planning and review of various factors, picking the right technologies for a...

IT Teams Need to Stop Writing So Much Code

We’ve all met IT executives — often top managers at major enterprises — who take great pride in the amount of code written by...

The War Between Russia and Ukraine is Affecting Staff Augmentation

The Staff Augmentation business and the location of resources have been affected by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Mainly because the war between...

8 Tips to Run More Effective Daily Standup Meetings

Daily standup meetings are a keystone of the scrum methodology. They can help team members address roadblocks and resolve them, strengthen the team’s shared...

Honson Tran

Honson Tran Embedded Software Engineer Emerging Tech, AI, DeFi New York, NY, USA Listen to Honson's Podcast! Honson Tran is a 25 year old computer scientist focused on technologies...


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