Ash Finnegan

Headshot of Transformation Officer Ash Finnegan

Ash Finnegan

Digital Transformation Officer
Technology, Process Improvement
London, England, UK

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As Conga’s Digital Transformation Officer, Ash works directly with customers and partners on their transformation programmes. With over 20 years of experience in the digital space, she works with sales and marketing teams on the positioning of the Conga Suite, as well as looking at Conga’s own internal operational processes to see where and how she can improve the use of the company’s own technology.

Previously director of operations at SmartFocus, one of Conga’s customers, Ash joined the senior leadership team after collaborating on a transformation project. Preferring a hands-on approach, Ash’s passion is to tackle a problem from the customer’s perspective and apply technical solutions to them – identifying and removing operational roadblocks, aiding corporate growth, and increasing customers’ profitability.


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