Murry Woronoff

Headshot of Agency Director - Marketing Research and Insights Murry Woronoff

Murry Woronoff

Agency Director
Advertising, Marketing
Denver, CO, USA

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Murry Woronoff is the Agency Director – Marketing Research and Insights for Adtaxi, one of the nation’s fastest-growing digital marketing agencies.

Murry Woronoff began his career 25 years ago with the NW Ayer advertising agency and has been analyzing categories, markets, consumers, and media ever since. Leading him to Adtaxi were lead research positions both at local media properties (TV, cable, and newspaper) and at the national corporate level. With extensive experience in media and research, he has the ability to work in today’s fast-paced, rapidly changing digital environment.  

Murry has demonstrated prowess regarding research and analysis, including the ability to synthesize data and draw informed and actionable conclusions. The insights he draws from are always supported by a solid evidence base, and he is able to communicate them clearly and effectively for decision-making.  

Murry has been with Adtaxi for more than 10 years, and in this senior leadership role, he manages the company’s research department, supporting efforts at all levels of the organization. Murry is an invaluable asset to the Adtaxi team. His unique skillset has proven to grow audiences, perceptions, and sales. His enthusiasm and dedication to his field help Adtaxi to push the boundaries of digital marketing, stay ahead of the curve, and help customers succeed.  

Murry is married, lives in Denver, Colorado, and has 2.7 kids.

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