Monique Parker

Headshot of Cybersecurity Systems Analyst Monique Parker

Monique Parker

Technology, Cybersecurity
Atlanta, GA, USA

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Monique Parker is a Cyber Security Systems Analyst at Infinite Technologies Inc.

Monique T. Parker lives in Elko, Georgia and works for Infinite Technologies as a Cyber Security Systems Analyst. She has worked for the company over the last nine years. She relishes in contributing towards her organization’s success by working across several technical and functional areas including cyber security, user administration, and workload tracking and management. She is certified as a CISSP, CCSP, SSCP, and recently graduated from Wesleyan College in Macon, GA with an MBA degree. Married for almost 18 years with one son, in her spare time she enjoys learning new technical skills, keeping up with current and pop culture events, and recently started learning to play the violin. Her favorite saying is “Everything is going to be okay.”

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