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Anderson Fogaca

Anderson Fogaca Head of GrowthGaming, MarketingSão Paulo, Brazil Listen to Anderson's Podcast! Anderson Fogaca is the Head of Growth for ExitLag. Anderson Fogaca is a marketing professional with...

How To Hire The Best Unreal Engine Game Developer

The popularity of game production is at its highest point and is expanding quickly. To make it a reality, employ developers for the Unreal...

The 6 Best Games to Help You Unwind: Relax and Play

Not everything has to be a task to accomplish. It's hard to realize this fundamental truth when everything around requires constant attention - but...

The Rise of Social Gaming

In the realm of gaming, a powerful force has emerged, revolutionizing the way we connect, interact, and build relationships. Social gaming has transcended the...

Kyle Zappitell

Kyle Zappitell Founder & CEOTechnology, EntrepreneurNew York, NY, USA Listen to Kyle's Podcast! Kyle Zappitell, former Xbox engineer and founder and CEO of, a gaming sensation...

What is Ahead for the Creation of Metaverse Video Games?

An experienced Metaverse video games developer can predict the future potential of a recently released Metaverse game. Playing games in the 3D environment created...


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