Kyle Zappitell

Headshot of Founder and CEO Kyle Zappitell

Kyle Zappitell

Founder & CEO
Technology, Entrepreneur
New York, NY, USA

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Kyle Zappitell, former Xbox engineer and founder and CEO of, a gaming sensation in the U.S. and beyond, is championing gaming platforms as the new, better social networks.

Designed as a judgment-free place to meet, caters to Gen Z and Gen Alpha’s quest to connect through games like Minecraft and Fortnite. Hailed as the ultimate gaming liberation, provides instant and free access to social gaming directly through the browser, without the need for expensive consoles or gaming PCs.

In this podcast interview, Kyle shares his vision for gaming platforms as the future of social networks. He believes that gaming offers more meaningful connections than traditional social media platforms, as it fosters genuine interactions and social development. Kyle predicts that games will eventually surpass conventional social media in popularity and become the primary means of connecting people.

With, Kyle incorporates emerging technologies such as WebGPU, enabling the browser to interact with GPUs for enhanced graphics and computational capabilities. This innovation has the potential to shape various industries, including gaming, artificial intelligence, and edge computing.

Reflecting on his career, Kyle emphasizes the importance of embracing opportunities with an open mind. He attributes his own success to being receptive to unexpected paths and experiences, emphasizing the value of seizing every opportunity, even if it seems unrelated or outside of one’s comfort zone.

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