Jodi Scott

Headshot of Founder Jodi Scott

Jodi Scott

Founder & CEO
Health & Wellness, Entrepreneur
Boulder, CO, USA

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Jodi Scott is the Founder and CEO of Green Goo.

Jodi Scott is a dynamic force in the realm of Health & Wellness. Armed with a Master’s degree in Health Psychology, she specializes in the intriguing field of Psychoneuroimmunology. Founder of Green Goo, Jodi is the visionary behind renowned brands such as Green Goo First Aid, Southern Butter, and Good Goo CBD.

Her passion lies in pioneering plant-based products using innovative lipid extraction techniques that have earned global acclaim. Jodi’s journey unfolds further with the introduction of Melodiol Global Health, where she explores emerging markets, including cannabis and psychedelics, pushing the boundaries of health and wellness.

Beyond her impressive career, Jodi gracefully balances her roles as a devoted spouse and a proud parent, staying connected to the natural world, community service, and personal growth. Schedule an interview with Jodi to delve further into the exciting worlds of psychedelics, cannabis, CBG, health, wellness, and embracing a green lifestyle – a journey that empowers and promises a conscious future for all.

Jodi Scott is also featured on our premiere Features Page, and you can read her podcast interview transcript, transcribed by AI.


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