Jennifer Galbraith

Headshot of President of Alestra Marketing Jennifer Galbraith

Jennifer Galbraith

President & CEO
Marketing, PR, Entrepreneur
Naples, FL, USA

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Jennifer Galbraith is the President of Alestra Marketing and CEO of Vouch.

Jennifer is a Marketing and Public Relations professional and Nationally Certified Story Brand Guide that enjoys helping companies clarify their message and create their overarching brand strategy. Her company, Alestra Marketing, Inc., is a social change communications agency that uses the power of stories, media, and technology to change behavior, advance policy, build communities and transform thinking. 

She is also the CEO of The Vouch App, LLC, an easy-to-use video endorsement platform for local experts and explorers. The Vouch App helps people share and discover the best local places in their communities.  

She has over 20 years of experience in Public Relations in the Public and Private sectors. Prior to starting Alestra, Galbraith worked in Economic Development and in the private sector for a diverse client base through national advertising account management roles. Working on the agency and client side, she has helped to market and promote everything from nonprofit organizations, retail outlets and artists to foundations, schools, associations, airports, resorts, tourism destinations, technology companies and more.

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