Irete Hamdani

Headshot of Entrepreneur and CEO Irete Hamdani

Irete Hamdani

Founder & CEO
Technology, Entrepreneur
Denver, CO, USA

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Irete Hamdani is an entrepreneur and founder of askBelynda, a Google Chrome extension helping consumers reduce their carbon footprint by recommending sustainable products while they’re shopping online. She has a Computer Science MSc. with honors from Tel Aviv University and is an AWS Certified Associate Developer and Solution Architect. Irete uses her 25 years of tech experience to develop askBelynda. She believes in a greener future with the expansion of sustainable consumer goods. Irete resides in Denver, CO, with her husband and two daughters.

Stemming from her journey in living sustainably, Irete found how hard it is to research and find high-quality environmentally-friendly products. Using her growing knowledge of sustainable products, Irete developed askBelynda. A consumer can now download and use askBelynda to get recommendations for the right products, at the right time, and with all of the information required to make the right purchasing decision. askBelynda has vetted thousands of products across the Household, Personal Care, and Clothing categories such as all-purpose cleaners, household supplies, dishwashing products, laundry, skincare, moisturizers, hand, and body care, hair care, oral care, deodorants, and grooming products, and is continuing to grow. The askBelynda Google Chrome Extension operates on

Besides the work on askBelynda, Irete loves doing anything creative such as Arduino-based projects, photography, knitting, and drawing.


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