Erin Whitehead

Headshot of CEO Erin Whitehead

Erin Whitehead

Founder & CEO
Entrepreneur, Speaker, Coach
Orlando, FL, USA

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Erin Whitehead is the Founder and CEO of Kick The Ceiling, an executive coaching firm dedicated to busy surgeons who want to learn evidence based strategies to cope with stress, reduce burnout, and become more engaged with their work/life.

Erin Whitehead earned her MBA from the University of Central Florida with an emphasis in strategy. She also earned graduate level certificates from Cornell University in Executive Leadership for Healthcare Professionals, Harvard University in Neuroscience, The Wharton School of Business in Competitive and Connected Strategy and Continuing Education Credits in Emotional Intelligence, Physician Burnout, and Coaching Global Leaders in Transition.

Erin Whitehead currently holds a Fellow position with the Institute of Coaching at Harvard Medical, which is dedicated to disseminating the best coaching science and ensuring integrity in the field of coaching. She is also an Industry Mentor for the National Science Foundation and University of Central Florida, teaching early stage medical startups how to take their idea to market.

Focus. Results. This may seem obvious, but it’s not. Erin Whitehead focuses on the powerful, compelling future her client’s want to create. And she doesn’t stop there. Erin represents her client’s commitment and potential to themselves, their organization, and their future. She plant a “stake in the ground” for what her clients can do. If her client waivers she does not, because she helps represent her client’s most ambitious, noble, and aspiring goals.

A 12-week small group mastermind teaching surgeons how to turn their limited spare time outside the clinic or hospital into a playbook that helps reduce the three major symptoms of physician burnout so they can build a better day off.

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