David Kushan

Headshot of Founder and Managing Partner David Kushan

David Kushan

President, Founder
Entrepreneur, Healthcare, Staffing
Sacramento, CA, USA

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Dave Kushan is Founder and President of Healthcare IS, an industry-leading talent-access firm in the healthcare technology, informatics,  and data analytics solutions space that has helped close to 200 organizations build world-class teams.

For the past 25 years, Dave has led Healthcare IS in its partnerships with providers, payers, and healthtech companies. During that time, he’s focused on the development of go-to-market talent-attraction strategies for both direct-hire and specialty consulting projects.

At a time of unprecedented world-of-work transformation, Dave has used his vast experience and expertise not only to navigate today’s changing workplace landscape, but also to help organizations create a future that meets its ever-evolving demands.


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