Risks of Not Properly Calibrating Your Equipment

machinist looking at the risks of not properly calibrating equipment

Instrument calibration is a process that involves comparing measurements. An operator will observe the measurement of a test instrument then compare it to a measurement taken by a standard device of which the operator knows the accuracy. Not calibrating your equipment will negatively affect your business because it will reduce the quality of work, productivity, and safety. Read more about the risks of not properly calibrating your equipment.

Increased Costs and Maintenance

When you regularly calibrate your equipment, you save on maintenance costs and possible wasted energy. Poorly calibrated instruments waste time, energy, and spare parts in the long run because of the other mechanical and operational issues they cause.

Equipment Becomes Dangerous

When instruments aren’t calibrated, they can cause harm to employees, wreck other equipment, and lead to wasted time on the clock. Risking your employee’s safety is not only dangerous for them but also for your company. You don’t want your company to get a bad name or be subject to fines through workers’ compensation lawsuits.

Poor Quality Products

Producing poor quality products is one of the risks of not properly calibrating your equipment. Inaccurate measurements will negatively affect your production process. Uncalibrated equipment has bad temperature regulation which can lead to wear and tear on products, spoiled food, or melted plastic casings.

Negative Health Consequences

As mentioned, food products can become spoiled and unsafe due to poor calibration. While it depends on the type of calibration gas and specific food products, the malfunction it creates is usually weak temperature regulation. This is dangerous to customer’s health and can cost your company money in lost food products when they’re thrown out.

Weakens Your Company’s Reputation

If your company continues to put out poor and even dangerous products due to weak equipment, you will quickly create a bad reputation. By word of mouth and reviews online, people will see that your company is not trustworthy. That is an unnecessary problem to deal with just because calibration was done improperly. Thus the importance of properly calibrating your equipment.


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