Why Email Marketing Is Important For E-Commerce Websites  

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According to a 2021 Financial Post report, you will have an ROI of $42 for every dollar you spend on email marketing. Encouraging, right?  

It can’t be otherwise since you can tailor email marketing to specific segments of your target audience, increasing your likelihood of conversion. 

You can leverage email marketing to drive conversions by sending targeted promotional notifications to subscribers who’ve already shown interest in your company’s services and products.  

For example, you could send a discount code for an item a subscriber had previously viewed on your online store. In addition, cart abandonment emails have proven to be highly effective in driving conversions. 

Alternatively, you can drive sales through email marketing by sending personalized recommendations to your subscribers using their past purchase history. Analyze your customers’ behavior and send them a recommendation of a product they’re most likely interested in.  

Email marketing has many benefits for e-stores, including increasing website traffic and sales. In addition, email marketing for your e-commerce stores can help you track performance.  

Below are five key things you’ll achieve through email marketing. 

1. Creates Greater Individualization 

What would you think of this email? 

“We’ve got something for you, [Your Name]. 

Happy day (Your Name) 

We hope the [Product Category] you purchased last month from us is serving you well. Besides, we noticed that you were interested in [Related Product Category]. Therefore, we thought you would like to see our most current offering. 

As a valued customer, we would like to give you a 20% discount on your upcoming order. Enter [Discount Code] to benefit from your promotion when checking out. 

In addition, based on your browsing and purchase habits, we’ve compiled a list of products you’ll like. To see them, visit this page: [Link to Product Recommendations]. 

We value your decision to choose us to fulfill your [Product Category] demands. We appreciate your business and hope to collaborate with you again soon. 

Best Wishes! 

(Senders Name)  

[Sender’s Company]” 

Wouldn’t you feel cherished when you receive a personalized email? The emails show the company has spent time learning its clients’ preferences and interests.  

Would it need a lot of time to create and send? Not with email automation; the Klaviyo automation expert, for example, can improve your email marketing. This helps you create a positive experience for the client. 

2. Give Access To a Broader Audience 

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Statista predicts that there will be 4.6 billion people using email by 2025. Since there were 4 billion email users by 2020, the goal is very attainable.  

This data suggests that email is a preferred method of communication for many people, which gives you, as an e-commerce company, a tremendous opportunity to expand your customer base and boost sales. 

3. Can Boost Sales 

You can boost your sales by using email marketing in the following ways: 

You can use email to offer subscribers tailored communications emphasizing the advantages of your items, encouraging them to make purchases. 

Using client data to generate and send targeted communications might help you increase sales. 

You can remind customers of their abandoned shopping carts with email marketing. Quick and specific reminders improve the likelihood that customers will complete their transactions. 

Businesses create a sense of urgency and persuade subscribers to purchase by sending specials and exclusives to prospectus emails. 

Upselling and cross-selling through email can help you promote complementary products, increasing your average order value and sales. 

4. Help Build Strong Relationships With Clients 

You can stay in touch with customers regularly with email marketing.  

To position oneself as a reliable source of knowledge, you might provide your clients with valuable content.  

By segmenting your email list based on the choices and actions of subscribers, you ensure that they receive communications relevant to their requirements and interests.  

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Ultimately, you’ll establish a strong client relationship built on trust, making it easier for your clients to give you feedback. Feedback is paramount for you to provide your clients with high customer service.  

Remember, a strong client relationship increases customer loyalty, and referrals boost your reputation and give you an increased client lifetime value. 

5. Effective In Measuring Outputs 

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Using your email for marketing allows you to monitor email responses and other critical vital indicators.  

For instance, email marketing allows you to track subscriber engagement and target audiences, determine how much money you make from email campaigns, and track conversions and click-through rates.  

At the same time, you can increase your subscribers’ chances of filling out relevant forms or purchasing if you strategically target them.  

Besides, you can also maximize calls-to-action in your emails to optimize the success of your email campaign.  

Email Marketing is Important 

Email marketing remains promising and potent amidst the digital landscape. Therefore, it should stay at the top of your mind as an e-commerce enterprise. A strong email marketing campaign positions you to succeed in today’s cutthroat industry.  


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