INFLUXO: NFT Creative Studio & Marketplace to Tie Metaverse & Universe

creative nfts or non-fungible tokens represented in digital art and photos

The inaugural collaboration between INFLUXO and Ronaldinho will feature seven, unique digital masterpieces and legendary collectible sports cards redeemable for real world experiences

Non-Fungible Tokens, otherwise known as NFTs, rose to blockchain stardom seemingly overnight during the pandemic, proclaiming the beginning of the new digital age. As physical communities worldwide were on lockdown, virtual communities in the cryptosphere were empowered to develop and expand, guiding and merging the financial sector with digital art, games and augmented reality. Well known gifs and jpegs have been transformed into valuable digital assets that have been turned into non-duplicable digital certificates of ownership through unique, smart contracts. Standing out from the crowd is newly launched INFLUXO, the premier creative studio and marketplace backed by INBlockchain and BigONE. They’ve just released their inaugural flagship collaboration featuring two-time FIFA World Player of the Year Ronaldinho.

With some fans calling it virtual memorabilia, the collaboration will offer a chance for fans to connect with the Brazilian soccer star virtually and in the physical world. INFLUXO is breaking the mold as far as NFT platforms by making the process from creation to auction easier than ever before. We wanted to build our own marketplace to differentiate from all the other marketplaces already out there.

Real world digital collectibles

INFLUXO’s minted NFTs represent digital collectibles endorsed by athletes and celebrities while connecting fans to real-world experiences. The INFLUXO x Ronaldinho collection showcases our intent to not only provide high-level digital art but also the in-person experiences and tangible collection items that will be available when purchasing the NFTs.

The creative studio and marketplace will feature an integrated platform to provide a seamless NFT purchasing experience with robust payment rails and easy-to-read UI. The secret sauce to the company’s core values is the trust they bring to the platform, ensuring that asset safety of NFT collectors is INFLUXO’s number one priority. Their first collaboration with Ronaldinho endeavors to establish the highest level of quality of work, while serving as a trusted partner to the Brazilian soccer star and providing the complete digital asset solution experience in crafting the unique NFTs collectibles at the intersection of the metaverse and the universe. 

“As you can imagine, the crypto world is a completely different environment than e-sports or the soccer world,” said Ronaldinho. “The INFLUXO team provided me with the support needed to understand the NFT process and to bridge the gap into the cryptosphere.” The INFLUXO x Ronaldinho collaboration will include seven one-of-a-kind masterpieces created by the artist Camaleão. The select winners of the auction happening later this month will not only receive their digital collectible but will also receive a redeemable feature to unlock an in-person experience with Ronaldinho in Dubai in 2022. Additionally, the INFLUXO marketplace will feature six sports cards, which collectors will be able to purchase through the secure platform. Investors holding all six cards will be entered into a sweepstakes to determine additional tangible rewards such as an autographed jersey and others.

Creating amazing experiences

“From our perspective, the collaboration between INFLUXO and Ronaldinho showcases and underscores the reliability and trust we have built to bring the highest quality of product to the marketplace,” said Anndy Lian, founding member of INFLUXO and chairman of BigONE Asia. “Our unique knowledge and expertise will stand the test of time to further enhance the NFT space while bridging the worlds of technology, sports fandom and augmented reality.” 

In the future, INFLUXO aims to facilitate an easy-to-use platform that will blur the boundary between the universe and the metaverse. The goal is to create a virtual experience on the blockchain that transfers into tangible, real rewards not only for star athletes and entertainers but also for fans.

“Our unique knowledge and expertise will stand the test of time to further enhance the NFT space while bridging the worlds of technology, sports fandom and augmented reality.”


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