Interesting Software Development Facts

two software developers working on a development project together at the same desk

Numerous industries are continuously booming, growing, and developing as time continues. The software development industry is one of them. For a little inside scoop on some interesting software development facts that will help you better understand software, as well as the different industries, continue reading below.

Most Developers Are Self-Taught

While almost all developers eventually get a bachelor’s degree in software development, that is normally not where the love and gift for software development starts. A large majority of software developers start writing in code before they even finish high school. Many have found success from creating their foundation of learning the trade on their own and then perfecting it when they are eventually further along in their education on the trade.

There are also options for online training centers that allow for the information to be learned on your own time and in a location that isn’t college. This is another option that is available for those who are self-taught and want to continue growing and developing their skills independently, yet still need some guidance.  

The Retail Industry Has Seen Many Benefits From Software Development

While software development has changed business in general for so many industries, the retail industry has changed drastically because of it. When you look at the history of a barcode, you can see that the thought that created it was to provide a more efficient system for the inventory at a grocery store. It was this idea that transformed into the universal barcode that completely controls all of the inventory in the retail industry, as well as numerous other industries. It is impossible to even imagine the retail world without the barcode.  

First Developer Was a Woman

Over time and after many advancements, there have been a couple of cool and interesting software development facts. One of them is that the first programmer in the world was a woman, Ada Lovelace in the 1800s. And while this is an interesting fact for the industry itself, it is still important to note that software development is still a male-dominated industry.

The Options Are Endless

It is interesting to think about where software development started and look at how the industry got to where it is today. The number of industries that use software for different tasks and reasons is impressive. The options truly are endless for what these software applications are used for. Software development is constantly expanding and making many other tasks and operations easier for businesses and industries.

With this growing industry, the list of interesting software development facts expands as well. This all goes to show how software development has grown immensely over time, while also impacting numerous businesses and industries for the better.


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