KPIs on IT Staff Augmentation Services

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KPIs on IT Staff Augmentation have high  importance in Human Resources management. Whose relevance rests, perhaps, on the fact that nominal administration has great weight in the capital of any company. That is why the metrics on efficiency and productivity in this area must be well defined. And also, be framed in favor of the objectives of the organization. We are based on these at 

KPIs as an continuous optimization process

Keeping in mind the augmentation allows optimizing relationships with employees. Because its implementation leads to perfecting the processes within the organizational structure. Thanks to the fact that the monitoring of the talent at our disposal makes it possible to improve the contribution of their skills.

In this sense, as managers or managers, you have the task of managing a good team. Which makes it possible to meet the joint goals of the organization. And in this way grow, together with the staff, at the business level.

Main KPIs on IT Staff Augmentation

Establishing KPIs on staff augmentation lets us to take more accurate Human Resources management actions. Because it opens the opportunity to acquire talent that adds value to the organization. In addition to improving the capabilities of those who are already part of the team. In this way, we will mention the most relevant KPIs in human talent management.

Staff  IT Training

This is one of the most important of the KPIs on staff augmentation. Since constant training of employees greatly improves the company’s process. Both at the level of performance and in terms of corporate image.

Since it gives you higher levels of professional satisfaction by increasing your knowledge rates. And at the same time, contribute to the optimization of their responsibilities.

Average seniority of Employees

Keeping in mind the exercise time of collaborators and employees allows to have a retrospective of the organizational policies. And in this sense, being able to measure their success and take into account their possible improvement. In addition to opening the possibility of recognition and improvement at the training level to optimize their contributions.

Company Attrition Rate

Another of the KPIs on staff augmentation of great importance. Because many of the talent leaks are related to long tenure in the same position. What pushes the employee to search for a job improvement and therefore, leave the company.

Job stability

It can be considered one of the KPIs on staff augmentation since it allows to know the retention of talent. And in this regard, the provisions of employees to remain in the company. High-rate job turnover implies considerable capital flight. Therefore, if they exist, the remuneration and the work environment must be evaluated.

Average Salaries compared to market

It is an indicator that provides information that allows establishing salary improvement plans. More objectively, the average number of years an employee takes to obtain a salary increase in the organization is determined.

Low for no reason

A factor to take into consideration when establishing the KPIs on staff growth. Since being aware of the reasons why the casualties originate; allows establishing strategic plans for the assignment of responsibilities.

Other relevant KPIs

Other KPIs on staff growth to consider have to do with measuring the quantity and quality of work. In addition to the impact of these metrics on the financial status of the company.

  • Productivity index (sales, products, tasks).
  • Service time.
  • Time tracking to be billed to customers
  • Return on investment (ROI).
  • Customer satisfaction.

KPIs for IT Staff Augmentation

Taking these KPIs on IT staff augmentation into account can help improve Human Resources management. On the one hand, it allows the development of strategies for retention and job stability. On the other, position itself as an excellent professional option that attracts new and good talent.


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