Roshan Shah Podcast Transcript

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Roshan Shah Podcast Transcript

Roshan Shah joins host Brian Thomas on The Digital Executive Podcast.

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Brian Thomas: Welcome to The Digital Executive. Today’s guest is Roshan Shah. Roshan Shah is co-founder and CEO of Decimal Digital Currency, a hedged multi-currency cryptocurrency infrastructure and technology platform, as well as a blockchain development firm launched in 2016.

Additionally, Roshan is president of Hamilton Road Capital, a multi strategy co investment vehicle that focuses on real estate, private equity, and venture capital investments. HRC acquires, develops, and operates multifamily student housing, self-storage, and hospitality assets across primary and secondary U.

S. markets. Hamilton Road Capital also makes opportunistic private equity and venture capital investments ranging from seed to late stage pre-IPO companies across a wide range of industries. Roshan is responsible for management of HRC’s portfolio of assets, deal sourcing, and investor relations, and has structured north of 11 billion worth of transactions globally.

Through his own commercial real estate advisory firm, Roshan advises local national and international corporations, as well as property owners on developing and executing their strategic real estate plans.

Well, good afternoon, Roshan. Welcome to the show!

Roshan Shah: Thank you, Brian. Great to be here. Appreciate it.

Brian Thomas: You bet. Absolutely. This is so fun. And I appreciate you making the time hailing out of the East Coast there in the New Jersey, New York area. And I really do appreciate getting to talk to somebody new every single day. And it’s just really what jazzes me. So, let’s just jump into your 1st question.

Roshan, if you could start off by providing us some insights on thriving in Bitcoin mining and decimals, recent expansion.

Roshan Shah: Yeah, absolutely. So, I think that the upcoming now imminent Bitcoin halving is giving a lot of miners pause on expansion. And I think that fundamentally, some of the mistakes that Bitcoin miners had been making leading up to the halving were, was, was to go after.

The highest ROI machines as opposed to going after the highest efficiency machines. And so, whereas a lot of our peers have been, you know, putting their business expansion on hold. We have gone the exact polar opposite way, which is that we are expanding as rapidly as possible and getting our fleet as efficient.

As we possibly can with the lowest cost of production. So, you know, I, I think that with the, with black rock and fidelity. Now, having accumulated hundreds of thousands of Bitcoins. Since the launched, I think people are, are really going to be in for quite a surprise when they look at the supply shock That’s going to happen.

Brian Thomas: Thank you. And I think there is a lot going on around this obviously a lot of hype, a lot of speculation. Everybody’s got their own opinion, but it is interesting to see some of these behemoths get out there and you know, buy up a lot of this Bitcoin. So, I appreciate your insights on that. Really do Roshan, And Roshan, the next question I have for you, you have leadership roles and sectors ranging from digital currency to commercial real estate and wellness.

How do you, how do these different ventures complement each other? And have you found synergies that have led to unexpected opportunities?

Roshan Shah: Oh, absolutely. Well, particularly for the, with the real estate background and Bitcoin mining, you know, at the end of the day with Bitcoin mining, where we’re out there scouring the market both nationally and internationally looking for sites, data center sites to house our Bitcoin mining operations.

And I think some of the knowledge base that I’ve built having spent a couple decades in commercial real estate has allowed me to, to uncover off market opportunities for Bitcoin mining sites and really properly evaluate and diligence those sites. So, no doubt about it. There’s synergies there between the real estate background and Bitcoin mining.

Really my health and wellness businesses are not necessarily synergistic other than keeping me focused and productive. With the wellness component of our of our business. It really is a diversification play for me. I think that in the wellness space. There’s a lot that’s out there that people don’t know about in terms of anti-aging and health optimization and longevity.

And that’s something that I find quite interesting. You know, people, people talk about the fact that the, the, the 1 thing you can’t buy, despite how much money you have, it’s time and. And health, and I actually think that that’s changing. I think that. That you can, you can, you can buy quote, unquote, buy both things.

Brian Thomas: Yeah, I think there is something to be said. There’s been some recent advancements in the health space that obviously not the time space. We can’t time travel yet, but I really do think there are some things that people have discovered that are helping humans live a bit longer, which is. You know, nice to know that people are working hard on something that gives us some more longevity.

So, I appreciate the insights. And Roshan, given Decimal’s role as both a Bitcoin mining platform and a blockchain development firm, what are some of the innovative things that you’re doing in the Bitcoin mining space?

Roshan Shah: Yeah, so we, we’ve got quite a lot happening in it with a decimal bit Bitcoin mining. So, we are beta testing.

A few different firmware from various providers as well as in the early stages of potentially launching our own that would optimize the you know, the, the. Optimize our mining performance. We’ve also launched our own what we call SMA offering, essentially a separate managed account offering.

Wherein we will approach our investors are actually proactively approaching us. And these range from high-net-worth individuals to accountants that are coming to us and saying we’ve got. We’ve got capital that we want to deploy and we’re looking for some tax advantages and depreciation benefits. So, we’re going out, we’re procuring machines on these investors’ behalf.

They get the full depreciation. We’re then deploying them at 1 of 1 of our mining sites. And then we are running every aspect of the mining operation from soup to nuts. So. At the end of the month, we pay the power bill, and then we have a profit-sharing arrangement with that investor. So, you know, so far, it’s going incredibly well.

The investors are generating oversize returns. They’ve got complete visibility and transparency into the operation. So, they’ve got a live dashboard that they can look at 24 7 that will show them. How much Bitcoin is being is being accumulated the performance of each individual machine. They know if there’s any sort of underperformance, they can look at what the, what the power consumption is.

And I think that this is a way to bring Bitcoin mining to the masses, so to speak, you know, a lot of times people ask me, people in my social and professional network, ask me, I want to get Bitcoin exposure. As we, as we spoke about earlier, I think the validation that comes along with, behemoths, like Blackrock and Fidelity entering the market gives people a lot of. Comfort now taking a position with Bitcoin. And frankly, to not have some exposure to Bitcoin in your overall portfolio, even if it’s a small amount, I think is at this point financially reckless and what I tell people, because they’re concerned about entering now at Bitcoin hovering around 65 or 70,000 and an all-time highs is.

Is that if you can invest into mining, essentially, you are, you have created a tremendous downside safety net for yourself. So, for us, with our newest generation machines, we’re producing Bitcoin. At somewhere between 18 to 20, 000. So, just think about how far how far Bitcoin we need to drop in order.

For that investor to lose money, as opposed to going out today, Coinbase. On Coinbase and buying Bitcoin at 65, 000, you know, I don’t know. I mean, long term for sure. I think, you know, Bitcoin is well into the 6 figures, but over the next few months, I wouldn’t, it wouldn’t surprise me at all to drop to 40 or 50.

And therefore, that investor will have taken a paper loss or a loss if they sold. So, I think the best entry point is. To start getting into Bitcoin is to find a reputable, trustworthy mining operation that knows what they’re doing and try to align yourself with them. And I think that the SMA offering that we’ve That we’ve now rolled out is, is relatively innovative and that I don’t know anyone else who’s doing it. And certainly not to this scale.

Brian Thomas: Thank you. I appreciate your insights. Obviously, you are the experts in this mining space. But breaking that down for some of us in our in the audience would certainly help us out and explore that a little bit further. So, Russian last question of the day. With your successful track record across multiple ventures, what advice would you offer to aspiring entrepreneurs, especially those interested in blending technology and traditional business models?

Roshan Shah: So, I don’t know that I’m directly answering the question, but, you know, I was on a flight yesterday to Houston, visiting one of our Bitcoin mining sites. And the gentleman sitting next to me, I guess glanced over and saw my screen, my computer screen, but then earlier had to be talking about both the real estate deal that I’m working on.

And he said, you know, I, I hate to disturb you, but he’s like, what, how many businesses do you have? And I, and I said to him, I run 4 separate companies. I’ve got. My own real estate investment vehicle, I’ve got a real estate brokerage company. I have my Bitcoin mining business and now a health and wellness company.

Okay. And for me, it all comes down to the team and I, my, my, my motto is to surround myself with people who are smarter than me. And certainly, to surround myself with people where I believe there’s an implicit level of trust. So, that that really is to me, the basic advice or the, the most important advice I can give.

To people who are looking to build something is to is to build is to do it by having the right partners, having the right team. And, you know, complimentary skill sets.

Brian Thomas: Thank you. And that’s so true. Today, in order to be successful you need to find the right team. People that are smarter people that know what they’re doing can do a better, much better job than you.

And, and again, that, that saying about you can. Go fast by yourself, but you can go far with a team. And I totally believe that. And that certainly resonates with me in the audience here today. Roshan and Roshan. It was such a pleasure having you today. And I look forward to speaking with you real soon.

Roshan Shah: Yeah, Brian, this, this was great. And I’m always around. I’d love to catch up with you even offline to talk more. I know we only scratched the surface with some of these topics, but. I’d love to go quite in depth with you at some point.

Brian Thomas: Absolutely. Bye for now.

Roshan Shah Podcast Transcript. Listen to the audio on the guest’s podcast page.


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