Nikki Pett Podcast Transcript

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Nikki Pett Podcast Transcript

Nikki Pett joins host Brian Thomas on The Digital Executive Podcast.

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Brian Thomas: Welcome to the Digital Executive. Today’s guest is Nikki Pett. Nikki Pett is an entrepreneur, author, and high-performance coach. She has been in business for over 23 years and is a constant student, reader, and personal development junkie.

Nikki typically has her head in a book, participating in coaching or listening to inspirational podcasts. Nikki leads a team of 10 incredible women who she has been fortunate enough to mentor and see life changing results at her promotional and marketing company, Sigma Promotions, Incorporated. Nikki hopes to be someone who leaves a legacy by introducing others to the power of personal development and by supporting her favorite nonprofit New Horizons in India, an organization that rescues girls from human trafficking.

Brian Thomas: Well, good afternoon, Nikki. Welcome to the show.

Nikki Pett: Thank you so much for having me.

Brian Thomas: Absolutely. Nikki. I appreciate you making the time today. Generally, you’re based out of Canada, which is awesome. North America is great, but I get it today. You decide to be in warmer climates like Costa Rica and that’s amazing.

So, I appreciate you making the time. I know sometimes. I traversed the globe doing this podcast, but other people do as well. So, thank you. And we’re going to jump right into the questions. Nikki, you’ve got quite the career as an entrepreneur, author, speaker, trainer, coach, and the founder of Sigma Promotions.

Could you share with our audience? A secret to your career growth and what inspires you?

Nikki Pett: Absolutely. So, it’s so interesting what used to inspire me doesn’t anymore. So, when I first started in my career, I wanted to be, you know, top in sales. It was all about beating the competition. I wanted to make sure we had the most industry awards.

And now I am really inspired by the team that I work with. And it’s so interesting because I was introduced to this path of personal development in my 20s by a client And I started integrating You know self-mastery and coaching and learning into my gift and promotional products business and what we now joke and say is that our company is really a personal development company disguised as a promotional products and marketing firm and so Yes, of course, we want to be a company of excellence and the awards and accolades are great, but quite honestly, the shift has really been seeing lives are actually changed when they come to work at our firm, we’ve got high performance coaches on staff, and we really do invest a lot into our team.

And, you know, a pivotal moment for me was having a team member say, You know, when I walked through these doors, I had zero self-confidence and now going through this, I know that I can do anything, be anything. So, the inspiration has definitely shifted over the years.

Brian Thomas: Love that story. We talk about this all the time 750 guests and growing here.

Everybody’s got a unique story, but I just love the fact that people. When they’re giving back or helping others or finding a solution to problem things just magically happen. And there’s, that’s where the bliss comes in. And I just love these stories. So thank you for sharing that. And Nikki switching gears.

We know at the end of the day. Everything is about people and relationships. Can you talk to us about what relationship marketing is and why it has been so successful for you?

Nikki Pett: Yeah, sure. So, my first book was Relationship ROI and it was really putting together All the little things that I was doing to take care of clients and sharing that with other people.

So, this came about because I was doing a workshop for some clients and I was sharing with them how I’ve grown the business and sales. And someone said to me, you know, you should really write a book. And I thought, okay, I could put pen to paper and share some of these ideas. And then as I was writing all the little things that I do to make these deposits in the relationship.

I realized that we are living and working in such a digitally distracted world. Like, yes, technology has done wonderful things for us and no regrets there. And yet we still seem to have so many quote unquote connections, but not really deep connections with people. So, the relationship marketing. Was a relationship ROI was all of the strategies and things that I did to take care and love on clients and making sure that I was connecting with them on a deeper level after that came leadership ROI, which was all about really having a deep, deep connection with team members as well.

And if I may just share really quickly, one of the key things that I learned from the book and it’s in the book is what I call the Eva Principle, and that is that every single person you meet, whether that’s a team member, a client, a stranger is desperate to feel engaged, valued, and appreciated.

And that’s really the foundation of what that relationship marketing and leadership ROI is all about.

Brian Thomas: Thank you. I appreciate that breaking that down for us. And again, it is that personal connection at the end of the day, people talked about. People are more connected with people than they are with brands or, you know, places that are trying to sell something, for example.

Right. But I really do believe that at the end of the day anything is possible through that human connection. So, thank you for sharing that. I appreciate that. I had not actually heard about relationship. Marketing specifically the way you explained it today. So, thank you. And Nikki, one of your strengths, and I like to refer to it as your superpower is your extensive knowledge of high-performance habits.

Why is it important and how can others learn more about it?

Nikki Pett: Amazing. So, yes, I’m pretty obsessed with personal development in general. And then what really took things to the next level was learning the high-performance habits that Brendan Burchard, who is one of the top personal development Influencers in that space.

He wrote a book, high Performance Habits, and I read the book and then I was so intrigued because what I found during my career was, I would have these bursts of energy and I would have these almost. Where I would be trying so hard and be full on and exhausted. And I remember having a coach saying to me, no, you’re going really, really hard, but I don’t know that this is sustainable.

And I don’t think you’re going to be able to crack the champagne once you reach this goal. And that was my life. I was constantly like. Getting exhausted by doing all the things that were just unsustainable. And so, I was intrigued by high performance habits after reading the book. And then I was actually, I had the pleasure of being trained by Brennan Burchard as a certified high-performance coach.

And so, I’ve now learned what he. Has learned through studying all the highest achievers in the world is that there’s a certain set of habits that the highest achievers follow, and they do it on a consistent basis where they don’t have burn out. So, they’re operating at a high level, but they don’t have that exhaustion at the end of the day or end of the year.

Brian Thomas: I love that. And more and more people need to hear this. I wish everybody would go through this. I think regardless of what at the end of the day, what drives you or inspires you having just some of these habits, these daily habits would make the world a better place, honestly. So, thank you. I appreciate that.

And we’re going to tap probably more into that at a later date, maybe on another podcast. So, thank you and Nikki. Last question of the day, we are a technology podcast and publication. So, we ask everybody if you’re leveraging any of that new or emerging tech in your business. And if not, maybe there’s a cool tool or app you found useful.

You might share with us.

Nikki Pett: Yeah. So, we’ve been really fortunate in our industry, which has come a really long way. Like when I first started in this business, there was no. Caught, you know, catalogs online or search tools online. We used to have a directory and a roster and call factories about different products that might be available.

And obviously now we have access to catalogs online. But what’s really cool is we’re using applications where, say for instance, you were looking to purchase some gifts for your team. What I would do is I would be back to you in literal minutes. With a catalog customized with your branding and logo so that you could see your very own personalized look book or idea book of options.

So that has been a game changer over the past few months in our.

Brian Thomas: Love that. And that’s one of the things I think we really. Could leverage more of some of those organizational time management type tools, things that make us more efficient and effective in our everyday lives. And again, giving back us some time that we desperately need to recharge every day.

So, thank you. And Nikki, it was such a pleasure having you on today. And I look forward to speaking with you real soon.

Nikki Pett: Amazing. Thank you so much. And I hope we do reconnect on those high-performance habits.

Brian Thomas: Bye for now.

Nikki Pett Podcast Transcript. Listen to the audio on the guest’s podcast page.


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