Eric Balis Podcast Transcript

Headshot of President and CEO Eric Balis

Eric Balis Podcast Transcript

Eric Balis joins host Brian Thomas on The Digital Executive Podcast.

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[00:00:12] Brian Thomas: Welcome to the Digital Executive. Today’s guest is Eric Balis. Eric Balis is the president and CEO of Top Tier Sales Advisors. Eric builds a path to more sales. More businesses struggle to grow their sales. As your advisor, Eric will provide the leadership you need to find your best customers and build a sales engine to create record-breaking growth for your business.

Once a path is built, you can more easily find your way. Eric helps business owners realize their hopes, dreams, and aspirations. He does so through the creation of sales infrastructure components and sales leadership, often leading to record-breaking sales results for his clients. Eric helps small to mid-sized businesses put their sales team and processes back on track by doing the following.

Building a sales infrastructure that will drive breakthrough sales results for your business. Assessing your current sales team, sales strategy, sales and coaching process and sales execution. He will then implement the necessary changes to drive sustained revenue growth.

Well, good afternoon, Eric. Welcome to the show!

[00:01:13] Eric Balis: Thanks, Brian.

[00:01:14] Brian Thomas: You’re very, very welcome, Eric, and I appreciate you making the time hailing out of the great city of New York City. I love that. Love to get some folks the call that hail out of some of these awesome states and cities around the globe.

 Eric let’s just jump right in and talk about your story a bit. You’ve got an amazing career in sales. You’re a strategic advisor, a senior executive. Now you’re the president and CEO of Top Tier Sales Advisors. Could you share with our audience the secret to your career growth and what inspires you?

[00:01:44] Eric Balis: As far as career growth, it’s been learning. It’s always continuously learning continuously. Not sitting still, and, doing more when not being asked to always continuously learning, always stepping up when needed. As far as, what makes me tick it’s just helping others, now it’s just another stage of life that I’m in is helping others, really paying it forward, helping the next generation on down.

I’m really keen to that now is the next generation of salespeople and, giving them the tools and helping them to where. I was helped way back when by somebody and acting really as their, coach slash mentor in the process.

[00:02:24] Brian Thomas: Thank you for sharing, Eric. And you’re right. We’re, I think we’re all at this point now in our lives or career where we do want to pay it forward and help the next generation so that we can continue to make the world an amazing place.

So, thank you. Eric. Let’s jump into the next question here. You’ve got many years’ experience in various verticals and at all levels in sales. What is the number one thing that you’ve learned and tell your clients in the sales process?

[00:02:50] Eric Balis: I would say in the sales processes have the customer really speak; is listen, the old expression, you got 2 ears and 1 mouth.

So, you should listen twice as much as you speak. I hate to be cliche about it, but, if you get people talking about, really what is important to them and where you can truly add value, that’s enhancing the customer experience, because people in the end buy from people.

There’s all sorts of products that do a lot of similar things and you differentiate yourself by the person and the service that you provide.

[00:03:23] Brian Thomas: Thank you. And you’re absolutely right. And I think just about everywhere we’ve been in our life journey or educational journey is that it’s better to listen than to speak in a lot of cases.

So, I appreciate the share on that. And you’re absolutely right. Your personal brand. Goes a lot further when you’re trying to make that sale versus just trying to use a company brand or force something down somebody’s throat. So I appreciate the share. Eric, we are a technology platform publication.

I’m a techie. So, we ask every guest if you’re leveraging any of that new or emerging technology in your tech stack or business. And if not, maybe you found a cool tool or app you might share with our audience.

Yeah, I’m from the same mold as you, Brian, I spent 26 years in the tech space, but now is really leveraging, whether it’s my CRM, whether it’s a zoom platform, or, for content now like ChatGPT and some of the other AI tools for, note taking, so you’re able to be more productive, it is these tools are meant for Productivity tools.

Yes. And, to make people more productive in the end. So, they can, do more with less and really, add more value to their company, their teams, their customers in the long run.

Thank you and yeah, you’re absolutely right about conversational AI.

I think just about every application that is out there now, including CRMs now have that integrated AI or machine learning into their platforms, which is really bringing a lot of efficiency to their business. So I appreciate you sharing that, Eric. And Eric, last question of the day, could you share something from your career experience that would be helpful for those listening to grow their career in either sales or entrepreneurship?

[00:05:07] Eric Balis: So, I think it’s when times are tough. Knowing that you really need to gut through it and you really need to, settle down, do the right things, do the basics over and over and over again. I come from the old school of, do things and, if you do the basics, things will come, you do the small things, the big things will come.

And I do believe in that. I do truly believe if you work a plan and plan your work that in the long run, you will be more successful.

[00:05:38] Brian Thomas: Thank you, Eric. That’s awesome. And you’re 100% right on that. And it’s all about putting that plan in place. You’ve got your goals, you’ve got your plan, and then your tasks and actions that to do on a regular basis, consistent basis will get you there.

So, I appreciate your insights on that. Eric, it was a pleasure having you on today and I look forward to speaking with you real soon.

[00:05:59] Eric Balis: Brian, I appreciate the opportunity and thanks again for the opportunity.

[00:06:02] Brian Thomas: Bye for now.

Eric Balis Podcast Transcript. Listen to the audio on the guest’s podcast page.


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