The Importance of Structured Cabling Standards

cables and network switching for structured cabling standards

When you hold yourself and others to a standard, that means that the quality should never go beneath or behind that set standard. That is something to work toward or look forward to, no matter where you fall. The Internet and Ethernet cabling have a grip on what steps to take to continue their path to success and what that looks like. Here are some of the ways in which the importance of structured cabling standards is used to give you an idea of what we mean.

Organizes Infrastructure

When you have a well-organized space where the cables are all running in the correct directions and make it to their destinations, then you have succeeded in organizing your Ethernet properly. This makes repairs and replacements a breeze when terminating keystone jacks, for instance. If you have any rewiring or movement that needs to happen, then the cable can be easily located and pulled to be spliced or removed.

Highly Dependable

All wires in this system of structured cabling area are exceptionally routed to increase the amount of redundancy needed for the excellent service. When all cables are paired and follow one another, the strength of the connection increases, as the signal is all traveling along the same path.

This increases the dependability and strength of the system. If one of the leads goes out, you can connect it to another just like it that is right beside it.

Extreme Flexibility

Because the system is so well organized, this allows a little wiggle room for anything to take place, such as additions and improvements or a complete remodel. This is one of the key components of structured cabling standards and why they are in place today. Having flexibility like this also means that the wires can be exchanged and increased in size and power, and they can multiply if necessary. When wires are unorganized, it can cause a mess. This could cause all kinds of problems, from fire hazards to near impossible repairs. The importance of structured cabling standards keeps things accessible so that cables can be well managed and utilized as necessary.


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