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10 Best Practices for Off-Site Data Storage Solutions for Enterprises

Off-site data storage is a common practice for many businesses that need efficient data management for sensitive information. These are physical spaces away from...

4 Phases of Every Successful Disaster Recovery Plan

Several natural and unnatural events can threaten a business's operation and infrastructure, from flood and fire to cyber-attacks to equipment failure, theft, and prolonged...

The Climate Needs Clean Coding

The tech industry mourned the passing of Sir Clive Sinclair last year. While many mocked the eccentric three-wheeled C5 electric trike at the time,...

Types of Server Rack Equipment for Data Centers

Properly running a data center means having all the right equipment. Servers, server racks, and cables aren’t the only elements you’ll need to store...

The Difference Between Hot and Cold Storage

As digital files replace the filing cabinets of yesteryear, storing important documents in the cloud is more practical than ever. However, there are a...

The Importance of Air Conditioning in Information Technology

The functionality of your technology will decrease if you don’t care for it properly. Laptops and towers have built-in components to help stabilize their...


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