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Top Advantages of Telemedicine in the Health Care Industry

Telehealth is essentially an appointment between doctor and patient utilizing electronic communication, like a video call or mobile device. With telehealth services, medical facilities can...

Ryan Unger

Ryan Unger Founder & CEO Entrepreneur, Health & Fitness Tampa, FL, USA Listen to Ryan's Podcast! Ryan Unger is a certified personal trainer and the founder and CEO of...

What is the Difference Between AI and Machine Learning in Healthcare?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have permeated many aspects of modern life, from entertainment to supply chain logistics, financial services, retail, and beyond. The...

Introducing a Game Changer: Meet Xevant’s RebateLogic

Even in the wake of the pandemic, increases in prescription drug prices continue to “outpace inflation,” according to a recent AARP survey. Seventy-nine percent...

The New Era of Healthcare Technology to Bolster the Patient Experience

Before Covid-19, the medical community traditionally moved slowly when it came to adopting new technologies to help streamline the patient experience. Fast forward to...

How Vacuum Technology Helps the Medical Industry

Insight on how vacuum technology helps the medical industry gives you a better appreciation of all the equipment that hospitals use to keep you healthy.


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