How To Hire The Best Unreal Engine Game Developer

How To Hire The Best Unreal Engine Game Developer
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The popularity of game production is at its highest point and is expanding quickly. To make it a reality, employ developers for the Unreal engine! A 3D game development technology called Unreal Engine is used to create multi-platform games with unparalleled user experiences.

However, this technology benefits more than only the gaming sector, which will result in a 122% increase in demand for these professionals over the following ten years. So where can employers find Unreal Engine developers? To learn more, keep reading this article!

An Overview Of The Global Engine Gaming Market

According to PwC’s worldwide Entertainment and Media Outlook 2022–26, the worldwide gaming market will be worth $321 billion by 2026, or 10.9% of all E&M expenditures. By 2027, there may be 3.04 billion video game users, and $521 billion may be generated in income.

Innovation and technical development, which make gaming more intriguing each year, are among the main causes of this upswing. Unreal Engine (UE), a real-time 3D production tool that is open and cutting-edge and favored by both AAA companies and independent game makers, is one of these technologies. Over 2 million games are currently powered by it, and as of 2023, about 4,800 companies were already creating games using it.

There are already more than 7,5 million UE developers worldwide. Due to the release of Unreal Engine 5, which includes Nanites and RealityCapture technologies to elevate photo realism to a new level, this number has every opportunity of increasing even further.

Many aspiring game developers and established studios are now looking to partner with a leading unreal engine game development company to leverage the power of UE5 and create stunning, immersive experiences for players across various platforms

Key Qualities Of An Unreal Engine Developer

Strong Skills

Knowledge of Unreal Engine 4/5

A top-tier UE developer must be familiar with Unreal Engine 4 and Unreal Engine 5.

3D Mathematics

Mathematics basically underpins all games because it creates the rules that allow for everything to function as planned by the game’s creator. When developing the game’s mechanics, every game developer makes extensive use of linear algebra and computational geometry.

Programing Language C++

Without a doubt, C++ is a typical programming language utilized to create Unreal Engine games. It enables game designers to create powerful games that adhere to the standards of contemporary gaming.

Visual Scripting

An Unreal developer must also have the ability to create visual scripts. Game designers may quickly and efficiently create intricate gameplay features by using Blueprints.

Soft Skills Engine Game Developer


To ensure that the entire game development process is unaffected, a professional UE developer should be able to respond to any emerging issues quickly and effectively.


Unreal developers typically work in large teams. They must therefore possess strong communication skills so that they can readily keep everyone informed about the development process and display a proactive approach toward completing shared tasks.

Innovative Thinking

Fun, adventure, and thrill are the main focuses of games. Unreal developers must constantly think of innovative ideas in order to make games truly enjoyable and interesting. Because of this, having innovative thinking abilities is essential for Unreal Engine developers.

What Sorts Of Projects Need Unreal Engine Developers?

Movies and Television

Unreal Engine is frequently employed in a variety of industries besides video game creation, with cinematography utilizing the most of this cutting-edge technology. The most ambitious filmmaking concepts come to life because of the talents of Unreal Engine. The latter group is able to develop its own settings, characters, plot lines, etc. All of these are further improved by superb lighting, simulations, and incredibly realistic visual effects, which elevate the movie scenes to a whole new level. The Mandalorian, Star Trek: Discovery, His Dark Materials, and Westworld are just a handful of the amazing TV shows that utilized Unreal Engine technologies.


Unreal Engine has recently emerged as the preferred program for architectural visualization. Architects may speed up and streamline the design process with the help of UE’s Datasmith. These experts may also view photorealistic images that mimic the behavior of light and materials thanks to the physically based rendering engine (PBR). This allows for fast editing and produces incredibly high-quality visual content.


Unreal Engine is frequently used in projects in the car and transportation sectors. With the use of this technology, car designers can develop their concepts without having to wait for actual models. This can cut production costs, time, and resources in half. Additionally, a sales manager can conduct VR test drives inside the store using UE. For example, the car manufacturer Audi employed Unreal Engine specialists to create a virtual showroom where consumers could configure cars using high-fidelity images.


Unreal Engine is a fantastic tool for businesses that want to provide their clients and players top-notch 3D MVR experiences. Because it can display complicated scenes at astoundingly high frame rates, it’s a perfect choice for augmented and virtual reality devices. For this reason, hiring a team of Unreal developers to build simulations for various training exercises is becoming more and more common.

Video Games

Video game production is the industry where Unreal Engine is most obviously employed to its full potential. This technology can be used to make both tiny and AAA games in a variety of genres. Game creators can enjoy flexibility and make changes to the code whenever they need to thanks to complete access to the source code. The entire game production process is also made a breeze with its Blueprint visual scripting. Graphic designers and other non-technical specialists only need to drag and drop nodes and connect them with wires to observe how their concepts actually function. Employing Unreal game developers enables businesses to create a range of games, including open-world action-RPGs, MMOs, shooters, racing, and even NFT games.

So, how are these video games built with UE developed? Let’s have a peek at this procedure.

Unreal Engine Game Development Stages

Concept of Engine Game

Every game’s creation begins with a concept. You must have a distinct concept for your next video game. Choose the game’s genre, story, visual style, engine (in this example, Unreal Engine), gameplay mechanics, platform, and other specifics. The evaluation of your resources and abilities is another crucial aspect of this stage. You must determine your budget, technological capabilities, the composition of your video game developer team, and the best time periods.

Pre-Production Stage for Engine Game

The entire crew has a brainstorming session on ways to make your ideas come to life during the preproduction phase. To put all the puzzle parts into one complete image, everyone from UE developers and engineers to artists and writers shares their perspectives on game production. The group establishes the project’s parameters during this time and makes storyboards, character and environment prototypes.

Production of Engine Game

The production phase of game development is without a doubt the most crucial and difficult. The actual game production begins at that point. The development stage has seven milestones: the prototype, the first playable version, the vertical slice, the pre-alpha, the alpha, the beta, and the gold master.

Testing Of Engine Game

When your video game is complete, run it through a quality check to look for any flaws, vulnerabilities, or malfunctions. The “fun factor” and scripting mistakes are two additional crucial elements that need to be checked but don’t technically fall within the technical section. The game’s difficulty is shown by the first, and the plot’s lucidity by the second.


Post-production is the last stage before you release the game and see all your hard work pay off. However, you must maintain control over game output by addressing issues and publishing patch updates that balance the game. 

How To Hire The Best Unreal Engine Developer?

I advise taking into consideration the following factors when searching for Unreal Engine developers for hire:

Expertise of Game Creation and Design

UE specialists need to have a thorough understanding of the complete game creation process from both the programming and designing viewpoints in order to produce a successful game. Pay attention to individuals who can both come up with novel ideas and implement them via coding when selecting Unreal Engine developers for hire.


The portfolio of a game developer is the finest indication of their abilities and expertise. There, you may learn more about their credentials and discover the projects they have already completed.

Technical Expertise

The quality of your game will primarily depend on how thoroughly you evaluate candidates’ hard talents when recruiting Unreal game programmers. Verify their expertise in client/server architecture, code optimization, advanced knowledge of C++ and blueprinting, mathematics and physics, animation ideas, and data structures.

Gaming Passion

True love for gaming is the real motivator for people to create their first lines of code. As a result, when interviewing prospects to hire Unreal developers, be sure they are overflowing with ideas and passion to create games that can capture the hearts of millions of players.

Various Options To Hire An Unreal Engine Developer

Outsourced Vendor

Some businesses opt to employ an Unreal game development team through a vendor with a staffing shortage. This kind of collaboration is similar to talent leasing in that you hire the vendor’s engineers rather than forming a team. The concept allows you flexibility because you can change your team as needed and because the vendor will take care of the equipment and workspaces.

Outsourcing Service Provider

Cooperation with an outsourcing vendor can be a smart move if you run a non-tech firm. You might locate Unreal developers among outsourced IT professionals, saving you money on recruitment and personnel management by not growing your internal workforce. In this model, your service provider completes the assignment from start to finish, so you are relieved of the responsibility of team management and project oversight Simply appreciate the outcome. 

IT Recruiting Company 

Another choice is to hire Unreal Engine programmers through a seasoned IT staffing firm. The programmers you hire in this method will be completely devoted to you and committed to creating innovative products of the highest caliber. One video game startup in Europe was eager to give it a shot. The company’s long-term goal was to attract investment, which is impossible with an understaffed crew, thus choosing to hire a specialized development team was a wise move. The senior game developers that were precisely matched to the client’s criteria were hired by the tech recruitment firm in just one month.


1. What are the Fundamental Abilities of an Unreal Developer?

The technical expert known as an Unreal Engine developer creates and maintains top-notch video games with realistic virtual worlds using the Unreal Engine technology. A skilled UE developer should be an expert in Unreal Engine 4, 3D math, C++ programming, and blueprinting. They should also be able to work well in a team and solve problems creatively.

2. What Projects are Available for Unreal Engine Developers to Take On?

In the cinema, automotive, and architectural industries, where these professionals can create truly exceptional goods, Unreal developers are in high demand.

3. What Elements can Affect an Unreal Developer’s Price?

The cost of an Unreal developer is significantly impacted by a number of factors, including geography. Employing Unreal Engine programmers in Eastern Europe can result in labor cost savings of up to 70% for American IT companies.


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