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Americans Favor Technology in Quest for Better Sleep

Six in 10 Americans are turning to tech to aid their sleep, according to new research. From using smartphones to set their bedtime and apps to...

3 Things Amazon & Other Employers Need to Know About Health...

On the one hand, Amazon is no different from other large employers, wrestling with the healthcare benefits cost demon that squeezes both its bottom...

Avoiding Vendor Cloud Lock-In

‘Cloud lock-in’ is a familiar phrase; but what does it mean? We explore the various outcomes which can lead you to become ‘locked-in’, and...

Why CIOs Need to Prioritize Their Resources for the Business

Priority alignment: this should be a focus of any CIO looking to grow a business. Indeed, the adaptive CIO must set clearly-defined roles for...

Aish Sankhé

Aish Sankhé Technology Writer Innovation, AI/ML Bengaluru, India Coming Feature! Aish Sankhé is a content writer, a wordsmith, and the co-host of the Engati CX interview series. Aish is...

Ronald van Loon

Ronald van Loon Chief Executive Officer Digital Trends, Emerging Tech Amsterdam, Netherlands Coming Podcast! Ronald's continuous pursuit to advance education and thought leadership in big data, IoT, AI, machine...


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