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Podcasting for Beginners: Getting Started and Things You Should Know

Getting started with podcasting has never been easier. To put it in its simplest form. Your favorite celebrity may have just announced the start...

Technology Needs a Trust Makeover

Public accountability is today a pivotal issue for the high-tech sector that it discounts at its own peril.  We see this play out in...

5 Steps You Need to Take Before Investing in Crypto

Many businesses wanting to be ahead of the curve are now embracing crypto to keep up with ongoing digitalization and benefit from navigating blockchain....

Enterprises Need to Consider their Physical Security Roadmap

You can easily search for specific images and information on the smartphone in your pocket, yet you most likely can not access critical video...

Abhishek Vanamali

Abhishek Vanamali Chief Marketing Officer Technology, Marketing San Francisco, CA, USA Listen to Abhishek's Podcast! Abhishek Vanamali is Chief Marketing Officer for Zensar Technologies, and Enterprise IT World CMO...

Collaborative Marketing Platforms Revolutionize Digital Co-Marketing

Digital marketing is extremely powerful and also extremely complex. It requires the right inputs and expertise to achieve success, which many local and smaller...


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