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Ilija Ugrinic

Ilija Ugrinic Commercial Director Technology, Software Leeds, United Kingdom Listen to Ilija's Podcast! Ilija has been assisting leading organisations within the area of Spend Management for the past 17...

Jason Fletcher

Jason Fletcher Founder and CEO Software Development, Technology Salt Lake City, UT, USA Listen to Jason's Podcast! Jason Fletcher, Founder and CEO of Dev Pipeline, delivers over 30 years...

Styra Simplifies Cloud-native Policy and Authorization for All

When we started Styra, we set out to rethink authorization and policy for the cloud-native environment. We knew that new risks and challenges would emerge as...

Benjamin Rees

Benjamin Rees Chief Marketing Officer Technology, Software Cambridge, England Listen to Ben's Podcast! Benjamin Rees is the Chief Marketing Officer at Redgate, a role that mixes marketing leadership, general...

How Database Monitoring Can Help It Teams Adjust to the New...

Uncovering Opportunities with Database DevOps Monitoring For the past three years, Redgate Software has run the industry’s only survey that looks into SQL Server monitoring....

How To Go From Manager To Competitive Quality Assurance Tester

It may seem like a challenge to go from managing projects and teams to a technical career such as quality assurance tester. It truth,...


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