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Transfer Learning in Newborns

When a baby emerges from the womb, the baby's brain already has all the learning essential for the correct functioning of the body.  The...

The Myths of AI

Given Artificial Intelligence (AI) is widely used across many industries, how does it apply to wealth management? Here are the myths of AI explained...

How Big Data Analytics is Helping Business in the Age of...

Location and big data analytics has taken on new urgency in the COVID-19 era. This is most obviously true for businesses dependent on in-person...

Getting Factual Answers to More Difficult Questions

Every day, businesses and organizations are tasked with making more decisions than any human could ever hope to handle. Often, enterprises need to make...

Guy Caspi

Guy Caspi CEO & Co-Founder Technology, Cybersecurity Tel Aviv, Israel Listen to Guy's Podcast! Guy Caspi, is the CEO & Co-Founder of Deep Instinct. Mr. Caspi is a seasoned CEO...

Transitioning from Spend Analysis to Spend Monitoring

Organizations have traditionally relied on Spend Analysis to discover cases of spend leakage or non-compliance in procurement processes. However, research shows even best-in-class companies...


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