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Tech-Enabled Road Trips: The Best Gadgets for Your Next Adventure

Embark on a futuristic road trip with the latest tech gadgets that redefine travel. From smart navigation devices to portable power solutions and entertainment...

How Technology is Revolutionizing the Limousine Service

Limousine Traveling is about the experience along the way; it's a way of living the adventures. A reliable and leading chauffeured transportation provider, it...

Retailers and Restaurants Lock into Robotics: Here’s Why

Recently, adoption of robots in the retail and restaurant industry is finding new hot areas which are geared towards empowering existing staff and handling...

Ritukar Vijay

Ritukar Vijay Founder & CEOTech, Robotics, EntrepreneurDüsseldorf, DE, Germany Listen to Ritukar's Podcast! Ritukar is the founder and CEO of Ottonomy Inc where - in less than...

The Six Different Levels of Autonomous Vehicles

When most people think of autonomous vehicles, an image of a fully self-sufficient vehicle that can drive all on its own often comes to...

New Event-based Tech Brings Advantages to Autonomous Driving Market

Lidar vs. VoxelFlow: What’s the Difference? Over the past decade, Lidar and camera-based technologies have been at the helm of current autonomous driving (AV) and...


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