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Connected Vehicles: Going for the Gold

The number of connected autos and trucks on U.S. roads continues to grow. The size of the global connected car fleet is projected to...

Daniel Shwartzberg

Daniel Shwartzberg DirectorEngineering, Automotive, TechTel Aviv, Israel Listen to Daniel's Podcast! As Director of Automotive System Solutions at Valens, Daniel Shwartzberg is responsible for ensuring customer success...

How OEMs Should Adapt to the Automotive Paradigm Shift

Henry Ford may not have actually said that if he had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses. But the...

Dionis Teshler

Dionis Teshler Chief Technology OfficerTechnology, CybersecurityTel Aviv, Israel Listen to Dionis' Podcast! Dionis Teshler is Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of GuardKnox, the automotive industry’s first Cybertech...

Peter Sorgenfrei

Peter Sorgenfrei Chief Executive OfficerTechnology, AutomotiveCopenhagen, Denmark Listen to Peter's Podcast! Peter Sorgenfrei is the Executive Advisory of PeterSorgenfrei, and was previously the CEO of Holo, the...

Preet Anand

Preet Anand Co-Founder and President Technology, Safety, Automotive San Francisco, CA, USA Listen to Preet's Podcast! Preet Anand is the co-owner and President of Snug, a daily check-in service...


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