Best Customer Feedback Tools in 2023


Business owners can improve their products by paying close attention to customer feedback. In every 26 unhappy customers, only one is likely to leave feedback. They have the chance to provide the greatest customer service. And enhance growth based on the user’s experience. One needs to receive pertinent feedback in real-time to do this.

You must recognize the weaknesses in your company as a business owner and work to find a long-term fix. It would help if you had the greatest customer feedback tools to do this. While many tools are available on the market, picking the one that best suits your company might take a lot of work. Here are the best customer feedback tools in the market today.

Fedier for Customer Feedback

Fedier is a tool for gathering consumer feedback. The tool is for listening to and analyzing customer feedback in real-time. It uses a variety of channels and offers. This includes data, NPS surveys, text analysis, and correlation. The tool is on automation to do this.

Google Forms for Customer Feedback

Leveraging Google Forms as a customer feedback gathering tool offers businesses an accessible and versatile solution for understanding and improving customer experiences. Its user-friendly interface, customization options, and real-time data collection capabilities simplify the feedback process. 

Wootric for Customer Feedback

Wootric is a free customer feedback tracking tool. It employs CSAT, CES, and NPS surveys to measure customer happiness. The web, chat, mobile apps, SMS, and emails are the most popular methods for gathering feedback. 

UserReport for Customer Feedback

UserReport’s main aim is to reveal the source of most website connections for you. Additionally, it allows them a chance to share their various suggestions.

ProProfs Survey Maker

The application can create forms, surveys, tests, and quizzes for the company. It provides expert templates to assist you in designing the surveys. The survey you provide to your customers via email and social media.


SurveySensum is the greatest tool for seeking a solution to consumer feedback. You may design any form of survey using the tool. Some include CES, feature adoption, NPS, onboarding, and CSAT. The SurveySensum team offers help in choosing the best survey questions.


Survicate is a platform for gathering client feedback across all digital channels. To conduct tailored surveys, you can use mobile apps and websites.


Different packages of SurveyStance tools are available. Each of these packages has a unique set of features. The program assists you with real-time and multilingual client feedback collection. The technology immediately detects unfavorable answers.

TypeForm for Customer Feedback

TypeForm is the ideal user feedback tool with the best design and functionality. You can have real-world conversations with your consumers with this tool. With the help of the web-based program TypeForm, you may create new surveys. The tool doesn’t need any coding. 

CustomerSure for Customer Feedback

A developed feedback tracking program called CustomerSure for distributing surveys. Additionally, the technology enables you to track and improve survey engagement. It also helps in response rates, deliverability, and abandonment.

InMoment for Customer Feedback

By providing them with comprehensive solutions, InMoment is the ideal customer feedback tool. This is the best tool for optimizing various customers’ experiences. The tools include three distinct clouds: employee experience, market experience, and customer experience.

How to Analyze Survey Results Gathered from these Tools

Getting feedback from your clients is the most difficult task. It would help if you asked compelling survey questions. They help you learn more about your customers. You must analyze survey results. It will help if you put techniques for outcomes analysis into practice. Also, consider the wider picture of the results.

Understand the four different measurement scales

Understanding the measurement scales is necessary before you can analyze survey results. The levels will dictate how you’ll check the survey’s questions. Additionally, it will assist you in choosing the statistical analysis you must run. These scales consist of

  • Nominal scales
  • Ordinal scales
  • Interval scales
  • Ratio scales

Choose your survey questions

It’s time to start writing down the questions you wish to answer after mastering scales. The queries for which you need to provide answers are the ones you must include. How are consumers rating your brand, for instance? Then look for survey questions that will provide the answer.

There are two types of questions that are essential to include.

  • Open-Ended Questions
  • Close-ended Questions

Start Analyzing Quantitative Data 

The quantitative questions should always come first in the analysis. The explanation is that answers to quantitative questions are based on data and statistics. It is simple to analyze and make conclusions from the provided data.

Implement the use of cross-tabulation analysis

You can better grasp how several variables relate using cross-tabulation. Most of your survey replies will come from individuals outside your target market.

It leads to getting irrelevant responses or results biased toward one viewpoint. You can filter the data from your target audience by using cross-tabulation analysis.

Understand Causation vs. Correlation

The human mind is best at identifying various patterns between events. Even though the two events are unrelated, it connects them so that they are all-inclusive. Inadequate bias is the result. It is simple to distort data when connecting different variables. 

Compare current data to historical data

You’ve gathered your company’s information in the past, and you still have the records. It is good to compare your former findings with recently gathered results. Keep track of all updates to these two reports. Do this to become aware of any changes and places where you may improve.

Use industry benchmarks for more accurate comparisons

There are rival companies in every industry selling the same goods to customers. You must comprehend all industry benchmarks and contrast the outcomes in this situation. It might be challenging to determine whether survey analysis results are good or bad.

Final Thoughts

Customers play a crucial part in the expansion of businesses. Get sincere and timely feedback from your customers to determine what aspects you need to improve in your company. Numerous and best customer feedback tools have been introduced by technology into the market. It would be best if you utilized the tools to get a clear view, and you can utilize them to gather and analyze survey results. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q: What is a customer feedback tool?

A: It is software that helps firms create and automatically share consumer feedback surveys in real time.

Q: How do you track consumer comments?

A: Maintaining a customer feedback trail may be both simple and difficult. The greatest advice for managing client feedback is to keep track of all input and ensure the method for sending feedback is simple.


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