How Can You Protect Your Online Business from Cyber-attacks?

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Cyber-attacks are a major threat to businesses today, and the problem is only getting worse. Whether it’s an attack on your company website or one of your competitors, cybercriminals can do significant damage to your online presence. There are many ways to protect yourself from these threats, but there is no silver bullet solution. In this article, we will discuss how you can protect your online business from cyber-attacks!

Tips to protect your online business

1. Backup your data

There are a few ways to backup your data, but using an external hard drive is the most common. You can also use online backup services like Crashplan or Carbonite. Make sure you update it regularly and store it in a safe place!

It is recommended that you have at least two backups of your important information and store them in different locations.

2. Secure your network and devices

You must make sure your mobile devices, laptops, and PCs are all secured. To do this, you need to update software often, install security software, set up a firewall for protection against cyber-attacks, and turn on spam filters to avoid getting sent malware or phishing emails.

You should also be wary of public networks like coffee shops and libraries because they are often poorly secured.

3. Encrypt crucial information

It’s also important to encrypt your information so that it is not stolen and used against you in the event of a cyber-attack. You can do this on your devices or by using encryption software like Truecrypt.

4. Consider multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication is an increasingly popular way to secure your accounts. You can do this by using a service like Google Authenticator that will send you a code from another device, or even set up Dropbox so that it’s impossible for anyone who might have access to your PC to get into the folder without knowing the password!

5. Manage passphrases

Passphrases are a key way to make your accounts more secure. They’re also easier for you to remember! Ensure that the passwords on all of your devices are different and long, so they can’t be hacked through brute-force methods.

You must use different passphrases for each account to avoid hackers from getting into all of your accounts at once.

6. Monitor the use of computer systems and equipment

The most important way to protect your business is by monitoring the use of computers and equipment. Ensure that you have software on all network devices that will allow you to monitor access or even set up a camera! Remind your workers to be cognizant of other people on the network and never share any sensitive information to prevent account takeover. Besides, they should be careful how and where they keep their devices.

7. Employ policy to guide your employee’s behavior

Another way to protect your company is by implementing a policy that will guide their behavior. You should tell them what the consequences are for sharing sensitive information or even using social media during work hours! It’s also important not to forget about educating new hires on best practices for using network devices responsibly.

8. Train your staff on how to be safe online

It’s also important that you train your staff on how to be safe online. They should never give out any information about themselves and consider using a VPN service like Tunnelbear or Hotspot Shield when they download files illegally because it will protect their identity! It is also very easy for them to get hacked if they use public WiFi networks without protection.

When reading tweets from people in the company, they need to avoid clicking links inside of other accounts’ timelines and always think before hitting “reply.” If someone who isn’t following them starts tweeting at them with an @mention, don’t just reply blindly! Instead, make sure you check the person’s profile first so that you’re not opening yourself up to spam or malware.

9. Protect your customers

You also need to protect your clients. Ensure they are safe online by informing them of the dangers and telling them what precautions to take when using WiFi at public places like airports or coffee shops. If someone is talking on their mobile phone while out in a crowd, warn them about data theft!

10. Cyber security insurance

Don’t forget to get cyber security insurance for your company. It will protect you in the event of a breach and help make sure that all the necessary information is accessible when it’s needed!

11. Get updates on the latest risks

Make sure to keep up with the latest risks. You must know exactly what is going on and how best to protect your online business from cyber-attacks!

12. Consider Disaster Recovery Plan

A Disaster Recovery Plan can help you bounce back in the event of a cyber-attack. This is something that many companies forget about, but it could save your company if there was an interruption in service. Just consider having one in place for every scenario so that your company is prepared!

13. Get cyber security advice

If you need cyber security advice, then contact a professional! They will provide best practices for your company.

How do you find the right cyber security adviser?

Finding the right cyber security adviser is not always easy. But there are a few things you can do to help find one that will be perfect for your company.

– Ask friends and family who they would recommend or use

– Search online for reviews about different companies

– Create an account on LinkedIn, then search through people’s profiles by industry, location, etc. The person may have mentioned how much time they’ve spent in this field already as well. You should also try looking at the “People Also Viewed” tab after clicking on their profile to see if any of them might work too! Take note of which ones seem very knowledgeable about what cyber security entails because those are most likely the best fit for your business needs.


Protecting your online business from cyber security threats is an important part of running a successful business. You should keep in mind the points listed above to help ensure your company’s safety and success. Yes, you can protect you online business from cyber-attacks!


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