Tim Tutt

Headshot of Co-Founder and CEO Tim Tutt

Tim Tutt

Co-Founder & CEO
Analytics, Tech, Entrepreneur
Washington, DC, USA

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Tim Tutt is the Co-Founder and CEO of Night Shift Development, Inc., which focuses on helping organizations make sense of their data.

Using his background in natural language processing, machine learning, and data analytics, he created and productized a solution aimed at allowing non-technical users to have conversational experience with their data.

Tim Tutt is a proven technical leader with over a decade of software engineering experience focused specifically on developing and deploying large-scale search and discovery and data analytics solutions in both the public and private sectors. He has a strong passion for operationalizing deep technical capabilities for the benefit of non-technical business users.

As an Elastic Certified Engineer Tim has deep experience using Elasticsearch for a variety of use cases. He is viewed by peers as a thought leader and go to resource for organizations looking for out of the box, innovative solutions to hard problems.

Tim also has a passion for software security. As the Chief Technology officer of Bogart Associates, he led the development and creation of a best-in-class, easy to use, secure communications solution ultimately leading to Bogart’s first issued patent.

Tim Tutt is also featured on our premiere Features Page, and you can read his podcast interview transcript.


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