Peter Nichol

Headshot of Chief Technology Officer Peter Nichol

Peter Nichol

Chief Technology Officer, Author
Technology, Thought Leader
Hartford, CT, USA

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Peter Nichol is a Chief Technology Officer, 4x author, MIT Sloan, and Yale School of Management speaker dedicated to helping organizations connect strategy to execution to maximize company performance.

His career has focused on driving and quantifying business value by championing disruptive technologies such as blockchain, data science and artificial intelligence.

Peter Nichol is a technology executive dedicated to driving data-first business transformations, optimizing teams, and cross-functional product delivery. He helps organizations connect strategy to execution to maximize company performance.

Peter has led businesses through complex changes, including the adoption of data-first approaches for portfolio management, data integrations, lean six sigma for operational excellence, departmental transformations, process improvements, cloud migrations, merger integrations, maximizing team performance, designing new IT operating models, digitizing platforms, leading large-scale mission-critical technology deployments, product management, agile methodologies, and building high-performance teams.

Peter is a 4x author, MIT Sloan and Yale School of Management speaker, and avid blogger with hundreds of articles on innovation, data science, artificial intelligence and blockchain.

He is also a contributing author for CIO magazine and has been recognized for digital innovations by CIO100, MIT Sloan, BRM Institute, ComputerWorld and PMI. Connect with Peter at

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