Noreen Butler

Headshot of Founder and CEO Noreen Butler

Noreen Butler

Founder & CEO
Transportation, Entrepreneur
Washington, DC, USA

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Noreen Butler is the Founder and CEO for RUBI. Noreen is a seasoned entrepreneur, a former Senior Advisor for a successful international real estate firm and mother of two children. As a mother with children involved in extracurricular activities, she was faced with the challenges of balancing schedules, events, after-school activities, and her career. Noreen resides in Washington, D.C. with her children and enjoys giving back to her community.

About RUBI
RUBI is an innovative membership-based service that addresses one of parenting’s greatest challenges: transporting their children. Based in Washington D.C., the premier transportation platform committed to responsibly transporting a family’s precious gems from point A to point B safely and soundly via a network of highly vetted drivers. Unlike other rideshares, RUBI primarily services riders ages seven to 18 and other vulnerable family members. For those requiring reoccurring rides, a team of dedicated drivers may be assigned. RUBI is available in Washington D.C., Maryland and North Virginia with additional markets coming in 2022. Recently, RUBI added unaccompanied pet transportation as a secondary service.


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