Marina Bellini

Headshot of Director Marina Bellini

Marina Bellini

Director, Digital and Information
Global Technology, Digital
London, England, UK

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Marina Bellini became Director, Digital and Information in January 2019 after joining BAT in 2018 as Chief Information Officer. Her goal in this new role on the Management Board is to drive the digital transformation of BAT in order to unlock commercial value across the entire organisation.

It is through technology that we can connect with people – our consumers, our customers, our employees; connecting information and data across the world – to generate insights and foresights that lead to performance-related results. And we can also connect with external partners to ensure we bring the latest new-to-world technologies to BAT.

It’s part of Marina’s role to help the business deliver results at a faster pace too – equipping BAT with state-of-the-art and fit-for-purpose technology across our entire global supply chain.

A Better Tomorrow™

“What has really struck me in my time so far at BAT is the authenticity of the passion for our vision to build A Better Tomorrow™ – it is something we talk about every single day and it is very compelling. We’re transforming BAT today to power the future of our great organisation and that’s something I’m incredibly excited about.”

The number one reason Marina joined BAT in 2018 is because its vision to build A Better Tomorrow™ is a truly unique opportunity that really inspires her. Having an ambition is one thing, but making it happen is another, and what attracted her to BAT was its track record as a company that gets thing done. That’s why she wanted to be part of this amazing journey.

Marina also loves the diversity of the organisation – with different cultures, nationalities, experiences and opinions all working alongside each other to deeply understand their consumers and make them a stronger BAT.

As a business leader, Marina loves to create opportunities for people to develop themselves and, in so doing, deliver value for the business. It’s about growing the company and growing its people. In the digital and information space, you need people who are curious, fascinated by business opportunities and looking for the art of the possible. Marina believes that people must also be willing and able to be taken out of their comfort zone because we live in a technology-driven consumer world and the pace of change is so rapid. For people like this, she cannot think of a more exciting place to be than BAT right now.


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