Kishore Patel

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Kishore Patel

President and Founder
Technology, Geospatial, Software
Columbus, OH, USA

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Kishore Patel is CyberSWIFT‘s President and Founder, an information technology company that focuses on the power of location intelligence and GIS to help solve complex problems in a way that is most effective for the people that are impacted by it.

With an MBA and over twenty two years of industry experience, he has strived to focus on providing solutions using technology to solve people’s problem and help improve lives. He loves to be involved with the local community in central Ohio to give back and helps community members move forward by currently serving as board member of local non-profit named AIABG. He loves to spend most of his available time with family, friends and golf.

Over twenty years experience in serving customers as a business owner, a consultant and technology enthusiast to help solve real life client problems where technology is often just a tool to achieve the goals. Keeping the customer first, I have always leveraged the power of technology to find the best solution to meet customer needs. This is important because the only thing that matters to a customer is to get their problem solved. It can be architecting and designing a software solution, or imagining how GIS and location intelligence can help tell stories about customer’s market trends to empower them in the best possible way.

Kishore Patel also likes to get involved with the local community to give back and help community members move forward. Currently serving as board member of non-profit Asian Indian American Business Group (AIABG) in central Ohio, towards this goal.

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