Katy Wigdahl

Headshot of CEO Katy Wigdahl

Katy Wigdahl

Chief Executive Officer
Technology, Software
Cambridge, England, UK

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Katy Wigdahl is the CEO of Speechmatics.

Katy Wigdahl, who joined Speechmatics in 2019, initially started her career in finance as a trained accountant, previously working at Unilever and Transversal. As CEO of Speechmatics she brings with her a wealth of experience in leading finance functions and improving the overall quality of data and decision-making. Her diverse skill-set took her into the world of fast growth technology where she consulted businesses of all sizes, supporting them on their growth and transformation plans.

She is fascinated by cultural, organizational and transformational change and is a hugely valuable addition to the Speechmatics Leadership team as they embark on the next stage of expansion.

Katy is people-orientated and transparent global C-suite Executive with a reputation for delivering sustainable growth, profitability and complex transformations, working in private equity companies, multinationals, SMEs and start-ups to champion the realization of strategic visions.

A consummate leader who collaborates with other senior leaders to shape strategic business plans aligned with current market trends and demands, builds world-class finance functions and supports development of outstanding global sales and marketing capabilities to consistently deliver targets.

Acts as the driving force behind seamless transformational change programmes affecting people, process and technology, plays an integral role in M&As, joint ventures and expansion to new international territories, safeguards compliance, eradicates customer churn and optimises costs.

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