Katie Cunningham

Headshot photo of Katie Cunningham

Katie Cunningham

Founder and CEO
FinTech, Planning
San Antonio, TX, USA

Katie’s Podcast!

Katie is the Founder of LYFETYMES, A digital two-sided marketplace, and Platform for planning celebrations and events like Baby Showers, Holidays and Birthdays. At LYFETYMES, the disruptive tech startup is reimagining the party and celebration planning process into one user experience saving busy parents time and money.

Katie has 20+ years of experience focused on Client Experience, Acquisition, Innovation, and Strategy in two Fortune 100 Companies, Head of Client Acquisition at Citi, Innovation Consultant at PwC, and Head of Sales for Startup in San Francisco. Katie is recognized as a thought leader at the forefront of innovation, sales growth, revenue optimization, and client acquisition strategies and has named as one of the “Top 100 Most Innovative Finance and Tech Female Executives”.



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