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Social Media and Influencer Marketing

There are different types of marketing strategies depending on the organization or business you run. While traditional types remain popular, especially with larger companies,...

The US and China War Between their Technological Advantages

It is known that the US and China war is a technological rivals since companies have developed in both countries. They have the ability...

The Shifting Social Media Landscape

A common complaint levied against the social media landscape is there are lots of “bad actors” spreading disinformation. While some social media platforms lay...

Jim Fournier

Jim Fournier Chief Executive OfficerTechnology, Social PlatformsSan Francisco, CA, USA Listen to Jim's Podcast! Jim Fournier is the CEO of Tru and has over twenty years-experience in...

How COVID-19 has Changed Social Networks and Online Engagement

It’s hard to remember that merely six months ago there was no mention of the “new normal”, there was just normal. Life and business...


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